The magic touch in the Raptors of the gregarious Sergio Scariolo

In addition to setting perfectly in his position, he moved some key threads that ended with Marc Gasol in the Raptors.

In contrast to a more or less important number of European technicians who have always looked with some distrust at the NBA universe, Sergio Scariolo (58 years old) had been considering the idea of taking the leap and learning more about the American professional league. The result, however, has been shockingly immediate. Scariolo, who is one of the three legs of the team of assistants of Nick Nurse (the others are Adrian Griffin and Nate Bjorkgren) took the step last summer. After negotiating unsuccessfully with the Charlotte Hornets, conversations with Masai Ujiri, general manager of the Raptors, came to fruition. Scariolo, ballasted to train an ACB club in Spain for the incompatibility with the position of coach, missed the day to day and although he got into a tremendous spiral of work to reconcile his new position with the National Team, it has turned out once more winner.

Scariolo has had a frantic year in which he has shared with Adrian Griffn and Nate Bjorgren the three areas of work developed by the assistants of Nick Nurse in Toronto: defense, attack and special situations. Scariolo has finished working on the attack in the playoffs, but admits that he has received a tremendous apprenticeship during season. Installed comfortably on a floor near the hospitality where the Raptors train, he has felt close to the city of Toronto since the beginning. He, like many others, defines it as a small New York, although to the locals it is not the comparison that they like the most. Perhaps that has helped the European flavor that has always given off the franchise and also the fact that Nick Nurse worked in Belgium and England during its inception (Oostende, Manchester Giants and London Raptors). A Scariolo has been allowed to import aspects of the European game that has been adapting to the needs of the Raptors and the requirement of the NBA.

Bake a look at the interviews he has given during the year to understand that at 58 years also It is possible to vibrate with new experiences. Learn to be the second coach, feel heard by the boss Nurse, be surprised with each of the new things that Kahwi does (already at the beginning of the season Scariolo had noticed that the forward of Los Angeles was at the height of the best). In short, live again the first time you intuited soon. Maybe not the title, but the possibilities of versatile players like Ibaka, Siakam or VanVleet who are the ones who have taken the step to make the work of Kahwi or Lowry more valuable.

Marc Gasol and the Raptors

Finally, Scariolo helped to give the touch of grace to the franchise. He was one of the great enthusiasts who asked Masai Ujiri and Nick Nurse for an effort by Marc Gasol, to square a team to which the unbalance factor Marc could make the final jump to make the franchise fly to the ring. Scariolo has removed merits on the operation but the truth is that when he knew through the parties that there were options, he made it to the heads of the Canadian franchise that behind that incorporation could be one of the keys to reach the finals.

As an attack assistant, Scariolo came out with a premise to this final against the Golden State Warriors that he revealed in an interview with the newspaper Málaga Hoy: "It's about looking for a good selection of shot, 30% of your points come in transition. And that you can control something because it depends on your attack, you have to try not to give it away. " For the pride of his wife Blanca and his sons Alessandro and Carlota, Scariolo is already part of the select Spanish club with a ring . A former player of his, Zan Tabak, won one as a player with the Houston Rockets. He put it in a bank because he did not consider it his.

The year is not over for Sergio Scariolo, who will now travel to a campus and stay a few days in the United States. The next challenge will be to start preparing the list of 16 players that will be concentrated in Madrid with a view to the World Cup in China and in which, at least, it is expected that there will be another ring: the one by Marc Gasol.

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