The Lakers of LeBron James, interested in Nikola Mirotic

As reported by Bobby Marks of ESPN, the Angelina franchise would be interested in taking over the services of the Hispanic-Montenegrin; They also want Beverly.

The Los Angeles Lakers are interested in Nikola Mirotic. So has Bobby Marks, an ESPN journalist, who has reported the desire of the Angelenos to take over the services of Hispano-Montenegrin. The reporter has also said that the operation desired by the purple and gold franchise is to bring the eaves at the same time as Patrick Beverly.

. We remember that Mirotic will be released in July and, despite some rumor about returning to Europe, it is a specialist that has adepts and could reach a contract of more than ten million per year with ease in many teams. The nationalized Spaniard has five seasons of experience in the NBA and has played in the Chicago Bulls, the New Orleans Pelicans and the Milwaukee Bucks in this last campaign.

Beverly comes from playing with the Clippers and making a great series in the first round of the playoffs, where he stood out for his spectacular and controversial defense over Kevin Durant. It is for this series that the base is quoted by a large part of the League.

Bobby Marks has assured that the Lakers are "certainly interested" in bringing both professionals together and join a template that has LeBron James and his recent signing Anthony Davis, as team stars. However, the journalist sees the operation difficult, since with the signing of La Ceja they will have around 24 million salary space, so it would be difficult to get the two together for that money.

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