The Lakers' latest move makes Kyrie and Kawhi rethink their market plan

The Lakers have moved to attract a third megastar and there are two who have reacted: Irving and Leonard change plans.

Los 1122111Lakers have managed to make more salary space for the transfer market and that has caused the dominoes to fall. The work of Rob Pelinka, criticized over the last year, has been worth it, gaining ground without losing more players (for which the franchise really wants to bet, like Kyle Kuzma), and that has made it publicly clean a little image that you have of the franchise and what you can do in the future, and without 'Magic 'Johnson in command.

This directly affects lentes. Specifically, two. The Lakers now have 32 million margin that can go to the other megastar contract that accompanies LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Chris Haynes (Yahoo) ensures that Kawhi Leonard will grant them an interview when the transfer period opens, the June 30th. It seemed a hand to hand between the Raptors for the renewal and the Clippers for the change, but the purple and gold come back on stage and can convince the Californian to fiche.

Marc Stein (The New York Times) puts another name on the table: Kyrie Irving. It seemed very clear upon his arrival at the Nets, but they believe they have options to reunite him again with LeBron after the substantial change in the last thirty days.

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