The Lakers get in the fight for Kawhi and he asks to go to the meeting ... Magic!

Countless voices point to the Lakers as favorites to get Kawhi out of Toronto. The player asks Magic, outside the franchise, to come to the meeting.

A less than two days before the free agency of the NBA begins the great object of desire is still Kawhi Leonard, who does not just ignore the margarita. The MVP of the last finals did not make effective his player option to renew another year with the Raptors for 21.3 million and from midnight on Sunday to Monday he will be free to negotiate with any franchise. For months there seemed to be only two in the game: the Raptors themselves, who with the ring in their hands seemed to have won many points, and the Clippers, which offered the forward a competitive project and the option to return home. Something that at the beginning of last season seemed a priority for Kawhi.

But in Los Angeles there are two teams. Why was not the other one at the same height in terms of options to take the star? In the summer of 2018, when Kawhi set sail for Canada from San Antonio, LeBron had just landed in the Lakers. And according to several sources at the time, the former Spurs did not even consider wearing purple and gold for three reasons: he was not attracted to the idea of being part of a super-team with several star players, drama and excessive attention that always surrounds the Lakers did not like and, finally, play alongside LeBron, with all that this entails on and off the court, was not his favorite scenario.

But something seems to have changed in the head of Kawhi to the point that the Lakers have ahead of the Clippers as the most real option for the player not sign a new contract with the Raptors. The Lakers, who got the salary space they needed for a third star thanks to two moves (including the Wizards as third team in the transfer of Davis at the time the player rejected the extra 4 million that could have been taken by the operation) are going to meet with Kawhi. It is a sure thing, it will happen next week and it will be in Los Angeles. This has been confirmed by several of the most well-known journalists in the United States.

But the strangest thing about this whole issue is that Kawhi Leonard himself had sent a request to Magic Johnson to be present at the meeting. Something that will not happen because the NBA does not allow someone outside the franchise to be present at meetings to sign free agents. Magic left the Angelina franchise of its own accord in April in an unexpected departure that further weakened the image of the team. That's why it's surprising now that Kawhi has asked him to go to the meeting. Ramona Shelburne, ESPN, confirmed it on her Twitter account.

"A friend of mine called me and told me that Kawhi wanted to meet with me, I told him there was no problem, that he was available if it was what he wanted. I live well, I'm not trying to get into anyone's work ", Magic explained to the journalist, who also said that no one of the Lakers, including Jeanie Bush, owner and president of the franchise, had contacted with the. Those who do seem to be in that meeting according to Sam Amick, of The Athletic, will be LeBron and Davis. The Lakers seem willing to put all the meat on the grill and get the services of the player and, for the first time, they may have real options to get it.

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