The Knicks want a 'warrior' yes or yes: if it's not Durant ... Cousins

The Knicks have another alternative in the Warriors if they fail Durant, who is already a free agent. Cousins is also and would complement Barrett.

The Knicks change their minds. They no longer only pretend to a player of the Warriors (assuming that the interest in Klay Thompson has finally disappeared), but two. The franchise of The Big Apple sees that it is left without more exits to get a powerful free agent, and that it has room for two, and resorts to other types of supplements that would make them improve.

Marc Stein, The New York Times , reports the other player that is not Kevin Durant: DeMarcus Cousins. The oferta would be similar to the one I had last year in the Warriors: from a year. If the first one escapes, they would go for the second one. It would help as a complement to R.J. Barrett, number 3 of the Draft 2019, and it would be a reference in the painting. Cousins came out of an Achilles tendon injury, coincidentally Durant's now has, and is already recovered although has not returned to the same as in the Kings and the Pelicans as it falls within all logic.

The information says that the The main objective is still to make offers for the maximum to the players that they had for a long time, the Durant, Irving or Leonard, but the plan would change if the negatives are happening. Of those agreements for four or five years they would pass to others in the short term, like the one that would be proposed to Cousins. And no longer for NBA megastars, but for players of high but not so high level, which would be a small disappointment for a hobby that saw Zion Williamson close and could now run out of the template dreamed in winter.

In the phase regular of the season 2018/19 Cousins played 30 pencuentros and averaged 16.3 points and 8.2 rebounds. In the Playoffs he injured again, but he played the Finals.

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