The key names of the Neymar return operation

Pini Zahavi, the prestigious Israeli intermediary, has taken the reins of a complex operation that will only come to fruition if there are a number of circumstances.

A operation of the dimensions of the possible return of Neymar to Barcelona welcomes around him a multitude of characters of very marked character and with a role of certain importance depending on the cases. If it were to hang a map of the situation on the bulletin board of the office, these would be the main names that would appear.

Pini Zahavi. Israelí of 75 years, Neymar gave him the keys to negotiate his departure from Barcelona in 2017 and has repeated this course. He must personally lead the conversations with the PSG to get his way out. His first decision has been that Neymar's father disappear as far as possible from the public scene and that the negotiations be done in peace and with discretion. Pini Zahavi was a sports journalist until at the end of the 80s he started to work as an intermediary. An important character at the beginning of Abramovich's Chelsea, he is one of the most prestigious agents in world football and emerges as one of the key players in the Neymar operation. He also has ties with the agents of Coutinho, Kia Joorabchian and Giuliano Bertolucci.

Tamin Bin Hamad Al Thani. The Emir of Qatar took control of the PSG in 2011 through the Qatar Investment Authority. A great lover of sport, proud of the concession to Qatar of the 2022 World Cup, his appearance was decisive in the signing of Neymar and although the face in the club is given by Nasser Al Khelaifi, the hand that rocks the cradle is him. He fulfilled his dream of having Neymar to become the ambassador of Qatar, but in recent times he has been disappointed by the team. In May he traveled to Paris in order to put order in a club that not only began to lose in the Champions, but to transmit bad public image with the fights of roosters in the dressing room. Only if he gives the okay, the operation can move forward. But it seems he is no longer in love with Neymar.

Neymar da Silva Santos. 'O pai do craque', a great driver of his son's departure from Barcelona to Paris, has begun to admit that he could make a mistake by putting That decision was marching that could harm not only athletically but also personally a boy who was less alone and had a fuller life in Barcelona. Neymar Sr. has disappeared in the last month of public life. He does not grant interviews, he did not go to the Brazil national team's concentration in Sao Paulo before one of the matches of the first phase when he was his son and he gave the keys to the operation to Pini Zahavi. Yes, his presence will be key to cancel the lawsuit that he filed against Barca for the payment of the renewal bonus that the club refused to pay him after the flight to PSG.

Josep Maria Bartomeu. He never discussed the category as Neymar footballer ("is world-class"), but said that Barca had already made their decisions by signing Dembélé and Coutinho and who had decided to leave was the player. Off the record, in addition, Barça president discarded several times his signing this year. The 4-0 in Liverpool changed the road map of Bartomeu, who felt that he needed to shake the team and great names to calm public opinion or, what is the same, the opposition. It was then when, from outside, he observed the bad atmosphere in the PSG and the little desire to continue from Neymar to activate the operation. Although it shows some concern for the staging of what would be the most controversial return in the history of the club, Bartomeu has rolled the blanket at the head and, after the failure of De Ligt, has been launched by a signing that puts new legs up the football planet.

Nasser Al Khelaifi. The president of PSG, obeys orders of emir of Qatar. He, in the end, is an employee who puts on a smile, the artificially polite treatment and does not maintain good relations with Barça. Since he was in charge, PSG has stopped any attempt of the azulgrana to take any of his figures, be called Thiago SIlva, Marquinhos, Verratti or Rabiot. However, the interview granted to France Football allows intuiting a new era in the PSG, with less vedettismo. Somewhat tired of so many stars, I could raise my hand and open the door to Neymar. What is still unknown is what price, in terms of liquidity or players, would be for the Brazilian. According to Le Parisien, the first figure is 300 million euros, only acceptable for Barça if it also rates its key players.

Messi. It is for many the great origin of the operation. A few weeks ago, a meeting broke out between the president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and the Argentine in his house in Castelldefels. In the same, Messi could have suggested the return of Neymar, who then seemed a chimera and now would be a possibilityad real. It is curious that it was at the wedding of the Argentine when the Brazilian began to make his teammates leave. Although the desire to fly free of Neymar to PSG was related to his dream of being the best player in the world and Golden Ball, the two maintained a good relationship. With a high degree of demand for his teammates, Messi has fun with Neymar and has it very well considered at the football level. The reunion seems closer.

The 'opening acts' Coutinho, Dembélé and Rakitic. There are characters without which the operation may be impossible, but they are less important than the main six. Barça, for example, will need the approval of their players to be able to put them in the Neymar operation. Coutinho and Dembélé begin to appear as favorites after two years of low performance or, at least, very irregular. The Brazilian has already given the green light to his departure and the PSG is not an option that disgusts him. The Frenchman, although he had been labeled as non-transferable, would return to his country and share equipment with his good friend Mbappé. The two, Coutinho and Dembélé, will be in a position to demand things because without them the operation is unfeasible. Barça does not have money to face it only from the box. Rakitic, player of the taste of Tuchel and that was already intended by PSG, is another of the pieces that Barca could exchange. Of course, against the opinion of Ernesto Valverde who, like Tuchel, the entire Neymar earthquake takes him far away. It is a strategic operation of clubs in which they have to say little.

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