The Grizzlies say goodbye to the'Grit and Grind' style

With the transfer of Mike Conley to Utah Jazz, the Memphis franchise closes the best stage of its history, where they reached the Western Conference Final.

There was a time when the Memphis Grizzlies was a team that fought against fads. When the league began to implement small ball and positional versatility, they bet for classic game of two pivots. When the rest of the teams were left dragged by the attack game, they veered towards the defense. When the madness of the triple and the bulging markers invaded the NBA, the Tennessee franchise contained the tempo of the games and chose to extend, almost to the 24 regulatory seconds, the possessions.

Crearon, well, a style of its own, known like Grit and Grind (translated into Spanish as effort and guts), which made them be respected by the big stars of the league. Tenían fame of competitive, to fight every ball that crossed the air, to fight until exhaustion, regardless of the rival they had to face. In fact, were able to knock in the first round of the Playoffs of 2011, being the eighth ranked West, a the almighty Spurs of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, that season had reached 61 victories and boasted the number one . Also, they reached a Conference Finals, in which again measured strength with the Spurs, although, this time, with a painful 4-0 adverse. This was the zenith of a volatile template for the rigors of the competition, but it always had four fundamental pillars:

1. Zach Randolph

He landed in the franchise with the label of wayward placed on his shoulders. Surely, his step by the known ones like Jail Blazers and his outbursts against companions and rivals made him deserving of that fame. However, in Memphis found his best version, both personal and sports. He was chosen twice to represent the franchise in the All Star (2010 and 2013) and was part of the third best quintet in the NBA (2010). His legendary number 50 hangs from the roof of the FedExForum.

2. Tony Allen

He became the maximum exponent of the Grit and Grind. No wonder he was known by the Grindfather, as it compensated for his lack of resources in attack with a heart immense in defense. His ability to dwarf adversaries was recognized by the league with six appearances in the best defensive quintets (three times in the first and three in the second). His characteristic number 9, with the Grizzlies, is also retired.

3. Marc Gasol

A whole life dedicated body and soul to the city of Memphis, from his time at the institute to his sporting maturity. Along with his brother Pau, is considered the best player in the history of the franchise, in relation to sporting merits. With the Grizzlies jersey, Sant Boi added three of the stars' matches (12, 15 and 17), two best NBA quintets (a first and a second) and a prize as best defender of the year (2013). Robert Pera, owner of the team, has confirmed that the Catalan will have the honor of becoming the first Spanish player to see his shirt removed.

4. Mike Conley

The last to leave and with which the golden age of the franchise is over . His name already sounded in several rumors of transfer during February, while completing the best numbers of his career (21.1 points), but none came to crystallize. Finally, his destination has been Utah Jazz, a group where he will try to take another step in his career, after several years undervalued by the competition. Solo has a distinction in the second best defensive team in the league (2012), although his talent scoring and his delivery is more than recognized by all fans of Memphis. Its number, quite likely, will hang from FedExForum.

The Memphis Grizzlies say goodbye to a period written in gold letters. Now, a reconstruction is looming, and will most likely be commanded by Ja Morant, if they finally choose it in number two of the draft, and Jaren Jackson Jr. Now, yes, the Grizzlies have been caught up in the fashions.

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