"In the front is the Real"

The Real Madrid striker insists on 'El Larguero' in his desire to join the txuri-urdin club, which has advanced signing. "The Real is in the front," he said.

Borja Mayoral insists on his desire to play for Real Sociedad next season. Lo is very clear. And he repeats constantly that the San Sebastian club can be his destination the next year. It will be because he is aware that the offices of Anoeta have advanced talks with Real Madrid to close their hiring. The last time you mentioned the Real has been in 'El Larguero'. Parla's forward was very clear in his respect. "In the front is the Real". It can be said louder, but not clearer.

La Real works these days in the recruitment of the Danish winger Skov Olsen and in closing with Real Madrid an agreement by Borja Mayoral, a cordial entente that will end in a purchase with the option of repurchase by the Madrid club. Because Mayoral is very clear that this summer leaves Real Madrid. In fact, he already has an agreement with José Ángel Sánchez through his agent, Alejandro Camaño, who knows that this season he wants to sell, but wants to maintain a future link with the Madrid striker, because he trusts his progression and growth. But the player does not want another assignment, seeks stability, and in Madrid they understand that it is time to find an exit.

Mayoral has pressed, in addition, for Madrid to facilitate his departure. He has asked him not to put a price of exit very high so that that does not hinder its sale to another club, in this case to the Real Society, which is the one who has more advanced negotiations with Madrid. Moreover, in the sports management of the Real are optimistic with the signing of Mayoral and understand that the conversations with Madrid are well on track. "I want to settle down in the club, have minutes, become more like a player, and then in the future it will be seen." But now I need to settle down in a club and have the confidence to grow up and be a better player. Real Sociedad ", explained in 'El Larguero' Borja Mayoral, when asked about this matter and his departure from Real Madrid.

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