The First and Second calendar will be known in July

LaLiga has also asked to vary a calendar date approved on April 29. Request to change on December 4 through May 13.

LaLiga has asked the Spanish Football Federation to amend the First Division calendar for the next season. Specifically, they have requested a change on Wednesday, December 4, on May 13. This proposal made by LaLiga has the approval of the Federation and its president Luis Rubiales, who has the responsibility to approve it. Only AFE needs to agree, as stipulated in the current coordination agreement.

"It must be agreed by AFE and we have not received it." The president has given us his approval and we would only need that AFE also affirmed that it is consensual and that he agrees, "said Alfredo Olivares. "From the FEF it has been proposed to hold a draw for the First and Second calendar in the first week of July and LaLiga agrees, the day will be to decide and the act," he added. "If there is no agreement between AFE and LaLiga, we already have an approved calendar and we will continue with it." If we receive AFE's approval, we would give our approval without any problem, "declared Luis Rubiales.

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