The FIA dispatches Ferrari and rejects all tests

Mekies met for half an hour with the commissioners of Canada, but do not review the sanction to Vettel because they do not see "new elements".

Laurent Mekies, sports director of Ferrari, entered the meeting with the Montreal commissioners at 14:25 this Friday. 35 minutes later he was chased by the cameras, but without making statements, after exposing Pirro, Ennser, Remmerie and Kaerne, who sanctioned Vettel in Gilles Villeneuve, why should they revise their decision in light of the "new evidence" necessary to invoke that right. But this will not be the case: as the FIA officially announced in a resolution signed at 4:25 pm, "there are no significant or relevant new elements that could not have been available to the parties at the time it was decided." Carpetazo and nothing to reopen or re-arbitrate. Hamilton won the Canadian Grand Prix and Vettel finished second.

The report of the Maranello team had documents from very different sources. On the one hand, an "analysis of the telemetric data of the Vettel car", in addition to another "video analysis of the different 'on-board' cameras of Vettel and Hamilton". Also a video of the 'Seb' helmet camera that was released by F1 after the race. " Likewise, GPS records, a statement by the German four-time champion and, perhaps more surprisingly, an analysis of the ex-driver Karun Chandhok for Sky Sports.

Ferrari ordered his best man to negotiate: Mekies was a career assistant director and Charlie Whiting's right-hand man before joining by Maranello. "We respect the work of the stewards a lot, it is very difficult to assume and this is a complex world of competition." But after the Canadian GP we had access to several new evidences. We think that they show that Sebastian did not break any rules and we present them. "

In any case, the FIA's demotion was implacable:" Telemetry, cameras and images, GPS and Vettel's defense were available before the end of the race "and Chandhok's analysis" is new, but not relevant or significant ", cas well as the special camera of Sebastian's helmet. To review a sanction, according to Article 14 of the FIA Sports Regulations, only "new elements" can be taken into account which, according to the referees, there is no.

"Disappointed by the team, the fans and the sport"

A few hours later, Mattia Binotto appeared before the media: "At Ferrari we are not happy about the decision. We are disappointed by the team, by the fans and by the sport. No more comments". The press conference lasted 20 more minutes but, in fact, there were no . The matter is settled and the first to do so was Vettel a day earlier, commenting only in passing.

The director of the team preferred to focus on what can work from now, the performance of the SF90 at Paul Ricard, which in a grand prix concluded two weeks ago, when 'Seb' went from braking in Curve 3 and lost control of his car to recover it, after the fourth. On the way he forced Lewis to correct his address, the stewards interpreted that his return to the track was not safe and he was punished with five seconds to add to the classification. A cruel final for Ferrari, fair or unfair, but final.

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