The Ferrari has the potential to win Mercedes in Canada

Its engine has recorded better figures than the Germans so far and its strengths fit with the layout of Montreal.

The Ferrari has weak points that will prevent him from fighting for the title this year: is a slower cornering slow car, he loses a lot of time (he is even behind Red Bull in that aspect) and also finds no grip on the Pirelli tires of 2019. But in the middle of the crisis, despite all the clouds surrounding Maranello, it should not be a surprise to see the SF90 fighting for victory this weekend in Canada, finding a Vettel reborn in the noble zone of the grid and Leclerc fighting again for his first win in F1 celebrating his love for urban layout. The circuit of Montreal must allow.

Bajo a sea of doubts generated by the lack of 'grip', the car that astonished in the preseason maintains its great strength: it is aerodynamically efficient, plays with less load than the rest, and boosts the benefits of the best propeller of the grill. Because the speeds recorded by GPS highlight the leadership of Ferrari in that aspect, the engine, especially in classification, that explains the good performance of Haas or Alfa Romeo in one lap. Kimi Raikkonen, asked by As on the matter, says that Ferrari's pure speed, uncontrollable in the corners, is not only engine: "We can not compare ourselves." It is sure they have something else, we have the same engine but they will have something in the car to reach those speeds ".

In the Gilles Villeneuve of Canada, the 300 kilometers per hour are exceeded in four different points, 45% of each lap is done with the accelerator to the bottom so it is a tracing of power and braking, fundamentally . And although Mercedes commands everything with a perfectly balanced W10, the Ferrari has never ceased to be a threat on the straights. In China, the best circuit to measure top speeds (in Baku, the reflections have a greater effect), the radar registered in classification 327 km / h of Vettel and 326 kh / m of Leclerc, the fastest, by 322 km / h of Bottas and 319 km / h of Hamilton in the same point and the same day. In Barcelona, last circuit with significant lines, the figures are very similar and Vettel partial, in time, also superior to those of Hamilton and Bottas.

What do they say in the 'Scuderia? Clear. Mattia Binotto: "It's true that it's a different track with a different configuration ... but they (Mercedes) should be ahead, although I hope the difference is smaller." If there is an opportunity we will be ready to take advantage of it. race of the year and the championship does not end there ". There will be aerodynamic improvements that add to the engine released in Barcelona which gave them more advantage in the first sector, the speed. Maybe Ferrari only has one car to win in Montreal and Monza, at least that would serve in the short term to weather the storm ...

Mercedes will respond by releasing

Toto engine Wolff has always been aware that Mercedes' advantage over Ferrari was great, but that does not explain the five consecutive doublets plus a double podium in Monaco. That's why in Brixworth they have continued working on the first evolution of the Mercedes power unit and the ideal place to put it on the track is Canada, , a circuit of straight and braking. Hamilton says that "there are many areas for improvement" still in that implacable W10.

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