The doubts of the Lakers: Transfer to Lonzo or keep it?

According to the latest information, teams like the Suns and the Bulls would be willing to exchange their first rounds for the base. Should the Lakers go through?

After a disappointing season, the Lakers are in a period of reflection and deciding what to do in the summer ahead to rebuild the team in the short term and make it competitive as soon as possible. The signing of LeBron James, who turns 35 next December, left the Angelenos in a compromised situation. They were made with the best player in the league, but they had little time to win with him because of his age. The first year of El Rey has not gone as expected, and now the franchise must move quickly to find solutions as soon as possible.

One of the pieces that most doubts generate the Los Angeles team is that of Lonzo Ball. The base will begin next October its third season in the league, but the purple and gold are not clear if it is better for them to transfer or keep the player in their ranks. The journalist Christian Rivas has leaked that teams like Suns or Bulls would be interested in taking the services of the young promise in exchange for the first rounds of the draft, but, according to the reporter, this move may not be the one that best suits the franchise .

A transfer could give the Lakers a new horde of young players, but that would mean getting rid of one of the biggest promises they have in the franchise. Rivas also argues that this move would mean giving up a new election the draft that in Hollywood they acquired in the past in just their second year. Recall that the base is also the best that has worked alongside LeBron, although the injuries of both players have caused them to have coincided very little time on the track.

It would not be the first time that the Angelinos get rid of one of their professionals most promising in recent years. The departures of basketball players like D'Angelo Russell or Julius Randle have been, in the long run, bad decisions by the purple and gold management, which has seen these players improve their numbers on their new teams. Ball has had many injuries in his first two seasons, but he is a very important professional who improves the team when he is on the court and who has great defensive attitudes, in addition to having improved gradually in the shot.

The sight put in Davis?

That the Lakers consider the transfer of their young promise may mean that they go for Anthony Davis. Recall that the position of LaVar Ball, father of Lonzo, was contrary to his son ended up playing in the Pelicans and in New Orleans were not very in favor of receiving players who did not want to play there. This was evidenced in the failed attempt that the franchise made to exchange a large part of their young players for the All Star, a failed and much talked about operation that transcended throughout the NBA.

However, LaVar has been open to the possibility that his son ends up in Phoenix and it seems he would not mind seeing him dressed in the Bulls shirt. This option opens a new panorama in Los Angeles: if they get first rounds of the next draft, they could use them to negotiate a new transfer with the Pelicans that includes these rounds plus another young player in exchange for Anthony Davis.

At the moment, it seems like a distant option. The Pelicans have not been very keen to send their star to the Lakers and surely there will be many teams pressing to get their services this summer. Everything can happen, but the Angelenos play it once more and could let another player escape in which they had high hopes to start a reconstruction that has accelerated with the arrival of LeBron and that, with the structural problems of the franchise , it has become very complicated in this last season.

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