The disconnection of Piqué

For the first time in the last 11 years you will have 50 days of vacation. His June this year has nothing to do with his last World Cup and The Decision.

For the first time in the last eleven years, Piqué will have 50 days of vacation. Those who go between May 25, day of the Cup final in which he finished as nine desperately looking for a goal similar to Alexanco's against Real Society in the final of 1988, and July 14, when it will start its twelfth season at Barça. Pique had always had part of the month of June busy. Although many were determined to discuss their commitment to the national team, came to play a qualifying match for the European Championship against Belarus on June 14 and another against Macedonia valid for the World Cup of Russia on June 11. Logically, the season that later ended was that of the 2010 World Cup, when he played the final against the Netherlands on July 11. But it also came to July in 2012 (European Championship final against Italy), 2013 (final of the Confederations against Brazil) and 2018 (Russian World Cup) .

Piqué has found an unexpected scenario. First, because had dreamed of finishing the June 1 at Wanda ("I am convinced that if we had passed in Liverpool we would have won the triplet"). And then, because was more than a decade without these almost two months of vacations. This time, in addition, real vacation. Front last year, when the player divided his efforts between the last World Cup and be aware of the fringes of the documentary The Decision that Griezmann issued just a year ago, to the blackout this year. Almost digital. Piqué has just uploaded four tweets to his official twitter account since he lost the Cup final: playing tennis with Vasek Pospisil, congratulating Rakuten as sponsor of the new Davis, with his partner Shakira and another who made noise: getting on the ball cart nostalgics calling for the return of the white shirt as a second kit in the near future.

Piqué, Barca's third captain by vote since last summer, kept silence after the 4-0 in Liverpool, but spoke the day before the final and after the fall at Villamarín against Valencia, where along with Busquets and Messi he was one of the few who gave his face and fell with pride and his head high. His speech, conciliatory and betting on the continuity of Valverde but separating and giving independence to the board to make decisions, speaks of a more moderate footballer than in other times and aware of the weight that has in the entity any step he gives.

Con Piqué, who extended the contract until 2022 in January 2018, always hovers around the fear of a premature withdrawal since the same day he renewed said ("if I did not play here in the club of my life I had already retired"), but not it seems that Piqué wants to leave with a losing profile of Barça. Come or do not come De Ligt, and for one thing or another, next year will be a challenge for him. And he can not say he does not arrive rested. You have 50 days to put yourself in order. For now, lives away from the madding crowd.

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