The Confidential: the Police traces € 900,000 from Switzerland and notes from "Rodrigo" and "Garai"

The researchers found at Huesca headquarters annotations with alleged movements of money, related to the Oikos plot, and unidentified names.

The Unit of Economic and Fiscal Crime (UDEF) of the National Police has begun to analyze the documentation that was taken from the Huesca offices last week during the Oikos operation. As a result of that work, he is already tracking fund movements that would be related to the First, Second and Third Division match network supposedly led by ex-footballers Raúl Bravo and Carlos Aranda.

According to El Confidencial, the agents located at the clubhouse handwritten annotations that would reflect alleged money entries amounting to 250,000 euros and outflows worth another 405,000. In addition, the digital newspaper notes that during the registration a printed e-mail was discovered in which it was a supposed merchant operation that would have aimed to introduce into Spanish territory 900,000 euros that remained hidden in a bank account of Switzerland. Agents suspect that these inputs and outputs refer to the amounts wagered and the profits. The investigations of the Police are also focusing now on discovering who are the persons referred to by one of the notes found, in which the names of "Jacobo", "Rodrigo" and "Garai" are pointed .

El Confidencial also provides in its information document in which it stands out that among the documents found by the Police is a column headed by the word "QUANTITY", it could read "125,000" with an arrow pointing to "Raúl / Aranda", in clear reference to the supposed leaders of the network; "80,000" that would be related to a certain "Jacobo"; "25,000" that would belong to "Rodrigo"; and "10,000 + 10,000" with an arrow to "Doctor / Agustín" . In a second column chaired by the term "COST", the previous amounts appeared next to the same identities, although with a significant increase. From the "125,000" of "Raúl / Aranda" an arrow comes out towards "125,000 + 20,000"; of the "80,000" of "Jacobo" another one goes to "80,000 + 60,000 + year of contract"; the "25,000" of "Rodrigo" would be transformed into "25,000 + 5,000"; the "10,000 + 10,000" of "Doctor / Agustín" become "40,000"; and a new name appears, "Garai" [sic], which theoretically corresponded to other "20,000" .

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