The coldness of Kawhi and the murder of his father

Under that supposed absence of feelings is a tragic fact that made him change completely the way of seeing things.

A Kawhi Leonard is best known for being one of the best basketball players in the world. He was already in San Antonio, where he played his first seven seasons, and now he is winning in Toronto. But another thing that is famous of him is his way of being. It is one of the most inexpressive people in all of NBA. It does not matter if you hit a three-pointer, miss an easy shot, play a joke or hit a nudge. His rictus is hardly going to change. So much so that every two times his colleagues receive questions from journalists about the way of being of Kawhi and the relationship he has with them.

That seriousness, which comes to seem absence of feelings at times, is not a pose. Neither is a tactic to face the competition. It's just the way life has made him be. On January 18, 2008 shot his father while he was working in his car wash. The motives and the murderer were never known. In 2014 the family gave up the battle and stopped asking the authorities. When the misfortune happened Kawhi, the youngest of five brothers, all the other girls, was 16 years old.

What did he do the next day? Playing basketball. He played the game that his institute, Riverside King, had before Compton Dominguez. He scored 17 points and at the end of the match he hugged his mother and broke down crying. "Basketball is my life and I wanted to go out and play and distract myself a bit. It's been very sad, my father was supposed to have been there watching me ", the player would count a few days later.

Three years later he would reach the NBA and in 2013 he would lose the ring to the Heat. That final always will be remembered by Ray Allen's triple 5 seconds from the end of the sixth game that forced the extension and left the Spurs without title, who would ultimately lose the seventh. In the play before Allen, Kawhi failed one of the two free throws he had and that, had he gotten it, he would have made his team champion. For a 21-year-old player that could shatter his self-esteem. But that was not going to happen to Kawhi, who knew how to relativize what happened to him despite his youth.

"The loss of my father prepared me for anything that would happen to me the rest of my life. Fail a free kick does not hurt as much as that ", counted the player around the holidays of that year. The following season he would get the title with the Spurs being the MVP of the Finals. Now he wants to repeat with the Raptors, with his cold blood, his inexpressiveness and the memory of his father's death to know at all times what is really important in life.

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