The club will invest two million in eliminating the Zorrilla pit

The stadium will gain 1,594 seats, a VIP area will be created behind the benches that will be integrated into the stands and the pitch will be lowered 0.80 meters.

The Real Valladolid stadium, José Zorrilla, is already in full operation. The Valladolid company Inexo has begun to undertake the works that must end with the descent of the pitch, 0.80 meters, and the elimination of the pit. This operation will entail the placement, in addition, of 1.594 seats, which the stadium would happen to have a capacity of 28,106 spectators.

Among the details offered this morning highlights the fact that the work will have a cost for the club of two million euros, the banquillos will be integrated into the tier and, behind them, there will be some VIP seats, all copying the English model, for example.

The project has been made by Fenwick Iribarren and was presented by Javier Iribarren who explained that "when we consider removing the pit we see it as an opportunity to improve other things of the field. On a football field it is important to maintain public pressure on the field, what was hindered by the pit, and also the occupation of the first rows of seats was disabled, the public was far away and it seemed that the stadium had an athletics track when it did not have one. In addition, we wanted to improve the vision of the U television. "From there, the architect said that the solution found was" to produce a drop in the level of the field by 80 centimeters and outside the field there will be slope out to evacuate the water "In the project a tread will be left in order to improve" the maintenance of the lawn. "

With these initiatives, Iribarren points out that" the image of the field is radically different, the public will feel that it is in the field , the players are going to feel that the public is at their side and the field is going to become a normal field ", although he affirmed that Zorrilla" will have a world-class turf ".

Other issues that will resolve in this first stage of reform of the stadium are "the fences of limitation of harrow, the tunnel of access to the field, issues that we improve and modernize" and will create a VIP zone, behind the ba nquillos, integrated into the stands, in which, by the way, its occupants (24 or 48) will get wet since that area is not covered issue to which Iribarren pointed: " In all stages of the world the VIP seats that go there They get wet, but people prefer to get wet and be there, not to get wet. It is another experience. People prefer to be there and listen to the coach as he gives orders. "

In the press conference was also announced that the reform of the lighting, the bathrooms or the structure of the stadium will be undertaken in a second phase.

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