The Champions League of Alisson and Origi

Liverpool won their sixth European Cup in a match that was not what it seemed. Salah, of penalty, at the beginning and Origi, in the end, knocked down Tottenham.

Without being the one who ate raw at Barça in Anfield, but without the friendly fire of Karius, not a murderous Chilean of 18 meters, nor a thirteen times champion in front, Liverpool extracted from Wanda his sixth European Cup, which leaves him alone in the third step of the podium. It was a final of the low profile, far from the expectations created and without the marketing bonus that the Premier wanted, omnivorous in Europe this season. A Sissoko gilipenalti moderated the champion and disarmed the challenger, reduced to a convalescing Kane. Van Dijk, Alisson and Origi did the rest.

On May 8, after 95 minutes of extreme anguish, Tottenham knew he would be in the Wanda final. Pochettino, since then, will have tired of seeing videos, the voice of giving talks and the imagination of previewing the game. Everything was scripted less than Sissoko, at 21 seconds, raised his hand as if to ask for the time before a center of Mané that was going nowhere. The ball touched his chest and his arm. Recklessness was punished more than intention, which is also reflected in the penal code of football, and Salah advanced to Liverpool penalty. This is soccer and for that reason it will never be enough to become science no matter how much its coaches train it. This final also had its Karius in the opposite direction.

Ese Thunder altered a match that was not anywhere near as great as it appeared on the show. Liverpool, who lives from their ambushes, from a fierce pressure on the rival's first ball out, did not squeeze as usual, undoubtedly lying on that early morning advantage. His game is to walk on glasses to the opponent before any loss, but muffled much that vigor with the 0-1 as a gift. This time he released the greyhound, Mané, and waited for him to catch the long balls that reached him from the M-40 without risking anything behind. Van Dijk was the reviewer of everything and the figure of the duel.

El Tottenham has less drive, but more patience. And it has been serving him in this time of hardships caused by the need to pay for his new home. It is a team resistant to adversity and is not known a greater than the absence of Kane, who missed three quarters of the last two rounds. Kane is a striker with VAT, because he has a goal but also a good foot, ability to hold the ball and finesse to filter passes. A nine of a piece to play in many ways. Despite the inactivity everything that reached his feet improved, but neither Son nor Alli nor Eriksen, second-rate auctioneers, were good company this time. So the ball served him little. Only once before the break the Korean lines broke, but he lost his advantage in a disastrous cut. The Liverpool, with Firmino gone (to put him was an excess), did not leave too much danger: distant shots of his two magnificent wings, Alexander-Arnold and Robertson. One per head. But from Kiev Klopp brought the teaching that with a more applied defense goes further. And so it was an unsuspectedly tactical and suspiciously ugly first time.

The final madness

The clock, however, played in favor of the show. It happens in all the finals: sparks and risks the loser, delivers the ball but receives in exchange the spaces the one who wins. The drama takes the game irremediably to the areas.

Klopp retired soon to Firmino, convinced already that he was not for nothing, and got Origi, the stowaway who killed Barca. Liverpool needs a rhythm not to be vulgar and was not having it. And also went to Milner, who has hit shots in both world wars and in the two Gulf. He was about to score as soon as he left. Pochettino responded to the heroic and got Lucas Moura, the right-handed whose left-hander brought him to Madrid.

And there appeared the shirtless party that was expected, with Tottenham flying over the Liverpool area but without bombing it and the 'reds' chaining inconclusive contras , because Salah left in Anfield the last pass. A direct football as British as fog and as passionate as the two coaches. Alisson saved three shots, Son, Lucas Moura and Eriksen, in that go and come crazy. Liverpool escaped the miracle tie and Origi ended up securing him the Sexta. Klopp already has his Champions.

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