The beast of Vettel

That which makes him become someone able to go to the park closed and change the number to the legitimate winner of the race.

December 2015, at the Sadiyat Islands beach near the Park Hyatt hotel in Abu Dhabi I ride with my wife and we meet a couple of German tourists, the father pushing a baby cart with some difficulty and the mother holding the hand of a girl little. The man greeted with a certain shyness and continued on his way. If it were not for the place it could have been any German official on vacation, but it was Sebastian Vettel as a family. Two years earlier when I was still winning races at Red Bull as if it were easy at the immense hospitality that the brand of energy drinks rides in the races we asked for a cappuccino to the waitress when suddenly Vettel appears to serve it and accidentally breaks a bottle of water that he himself picks up with a broom in a moment of laughter and jokes. This is Vettel, a normal guy, but who is also four-time champion of the world of Formula 1 and to achieve it you have to take the beast inside, transform. And that Ferrari's German does it quite well.

Nobody, even though sometimes There has been controversy about this, you can argue that Sebastian is a huge driver, endowed with great talent, another thing is that he had the opportunity to have lived a time of Red Bull with a dominant car, but we must also recognize that it is a person who can become difficult because he has the beast inside, that makes him become someone able to go to the park closed and move the number to the legitimate winner of the race. I think the sanction against Vettel was fair, although it should have been in the race, but that does not allow him to do what he did, as in Baku when he touched the car to Hamilton or when he insulted pilots and radio commissars in Mexico. For example. And it is that, in life, it is almost never what it seems ...

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