The anger of the boss of Haas Magnussen: "Enough is enough!"

Gunther Steiner, a tough guy in the F1 paddock, silenced his driver, who protested the poor performance of his car.

"This is the worst experience I've ever had in my life in any career ... Always ..." , Kevin Magnussen said on the radio to his engineers when he was in second-to-last, just ahead of Kubica. Maybe he omitted that his mechanics and the whole Haas team worked hard at night to rebuild in a hurry the car that he himself had destroyed by percussing against the Wall of the champions and the finish line in the classification.

Your career engineer replied : "None of us is happy with this pace" and when the 26-year-old Danish started his response, Gunther Steiner, team leader and a tough guy in the F1 paddock, went into the conversation: "What he wants to say is that for us it is not a good experience either, that is what it means: Enough, enough is enough! ". There the complaints ended." Sorry guys, sorry for the garage people, too, "Magnussen finished. , who collected candles.

The complicated season of Haas, with a car capable of qualifying in the top-10 on virtually all circuits but which comes down on Sundays for various reasons. They only allude to tires, they suffer to make them work or they destroy them too quickly. But the drivers are also marked, because for example Grosjean only adds two points with a car that aspires to much more, in fact Magnussen has 14. But the mistakes of the French and Danish have been numerous in these three seasons that lead in the team ...

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