The ambitious goal of Racing Point: aspire to victory

Lawrence Stroll says his main concern to date has been to restore financial stability and give engineers the means to develop the car.

Technical agreement with Mercedes to use its wind tunnel, in addition to the power unit, the gearbox and the hydraulic system, investment of 29 million euros to renew and expand the factory of Silverstone ...

Little by little, Racing Point is completing different progress in its ambitious goal to become one of the best teams on the grid in the medium term and aspire to victory in each race of the World Formula 1.

Questioned by these advances, Lawrence Stroll says in the newspaper 'La Presse 'that after restoring financial stability and providing technology to engineers led by Andrew Green, he trusts the team's development capacity to lead the' F1b 'this season: "First we wanted to establish financial stability and give the engineers the means to develop the car The goal is to convert us in one of the best teams in the paddock and aim for victory. The team certainly did not have all the necessary funds to prepare the car this year, so we knew that the first races would be difficult. But we will try to make changes faster than other teams. Maybe not as fast as big teams, but as fast as we can ".

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