The 5 best men to sign in free agency

On July 1, the NBA transfer market opens for players who finish their contract. These are the best candidates for the posts of power forward and power forward.

1. Kristaps Porzingis

He is one of the most talented players in this group of tall men in free agency. It is the perfect example of the evolution of modern basketball: many centimeters, intimidation in the area, outside throw and ability to run the track. However, this waste of skill is marked by an asterisk: the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee, which keeps him off the tracks since February 2018. He has not wanted to dress short this season to try to fully recover from the serious injury. This decision and the refusal not to renew with the Knicks caused the New York franchise to transfer it to Dallas. The Mavericks do seem to have given him the love he so much wanted, so it would be a surprise if he did not sign a maximum contract with the Texans. In addition, Mark Cuban has an ace up his sleeve: Porzingis is a restricted free agent, so that could equal any attempt that the rest of the teams do for the player.

2. Nikola Vucevic

It comes to complete the best season of his career (20.8 points and 12 rebounds), which has earned him to participate in the last game of the stars, precisely in the year that was left of contract. It is a solid interior, which presents ingenio and ability to finish the games in double double numbers. In fact, this has been his seventh consecutive course with at least 25 matches adding more than ten goals and ten sacks. In a league increasingly based on small ball, the Montenegrin can offer a lot of work and consistency under the hoops. Perhaps it is not a first sword with all letters, but it can perfectly fulfill the job of second on board. Despite its release to the market, the Magic, their current team, are the favorites to continue counting on the pivot. Yes, through a multiyear agreement and tens of millions in the bank.

3. Al Horford

The Dominican has rejected his choice of player, valued at 30 million for a year, to launch on the market to find the last big contract of his life deportivo. With 33 years just turned out, it does not seem that the five times All Star has many more opportunities to sign a lasting and substantial agreement. It is a constant threat in attack, due to its variety of offensive weapons: it is capable of producing from the post or from the perimeter. It is an elite defender, both in the one for one and as a team, and usually does not present disadvantages with higher pivots. Notably, it is a standard bearer of the collective game, which represents a remarkable asset for any wardrobe.

4. DeMarcus Cousins

The Alabama is, within this list, the player most capable to carry on his shoulders a franchise. Highlighted in a few saky Kings Sacraments and knew how to share leadership with Anthony Davis in the Pelicans. Almost always above 20 points per game (has had several seasons with more than 27) and more than 10 rebounds, is absolute elite in attack and defense. Cuenta with a unique competitive character, that has won fame of conflictive in the league; however, it is that winning gene that has led him six times to the match of the stars. His situation is similar to that of Porzingis: the rupture of the ligament of his Achilles tendon creates many doubts to the franchises, since it is not an injury that allows the player to return to the maximum competitive level. This course has been linked to the Warrios with a contract of only five million. It is expected to agree with the highest bidder.

5. Julius Randle

Ha exploited this campaign in the Pelicans, amid rumors of the transfer of Anthony Davis to the Lakers. He got his chance, at a reasonable price for those in Louisiana, due to some doubts about his physique and his inability to take another leap in his game, and he did not miss it. Averages of 21.4 points per game and almost nine rebounds for an interior that can open the track, thanks to its improvement in medium and long distance throw. It usually suffers in defense, mainly due to its size and its lack of explosiveness , but you will not miss offers. Randle will want to sign his signature on a contract that finally recognizes his talent.

Other options

-Brook Lopez (free agent)

-Paul Millsap (restricted agent)

-DeAndre Jordan (free agent)

-Nikola Mirotic ( free agent)

-Marcus Morris (free agent)

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