Tebas: "The 'Oikos case' is something very minor in football"

The president of LaLiga explained in a day on integrity in the sport that he has "advanced a lot" in the fight against the rigging: "We have it quite eradicated".

LaLiga president, Javier Tebas, affirmed that the 'Oikos case' on the alleged match-fixing of soccer matches "is not the tip of the iceberg" in professional football and is "somewhat minor" in the LaLiga Santander and LaLiga clubs 1/2/3, but confessed that it is "worrying" in the Third Division meetings.

"In professional football is not the iceberg tip.A few years ago, when I became president of LaLiga, was worrying and We started monitoring the parties, allocating resources, the phenomenon can easily be eradicated, In the Third Division, it is worrisome "," he said at a conference on integrity in sports at the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM) .

In that sense, the president of the club management recalled that in the past there was a law of silence or "omertá" in the games in which the clubs played the descent of category. "It was an emetic thing, and we have not only dedicated ourselves to denouncing parties in First and Second but also in Second B and Third, which gave rise to 'Operation Pizarro' in which about 40 people were arrested. "However, Thebes declared himself satisfied because, according to him, España is at the forefront of the fight against settling, partly because LaLiga has set in motion a Department of Integrity and Security" very developed ".

"We can never eradicate one crime from society, but we have quite eradicated it." We believe that the end-of-season fixation is very minor. We have the tools and technology that allows us to initiate complaints with the police. , explained.

"I do not believe that Aranda sued me for calling him 'bird'

A his judgment, at present we live in the 'era of click' and of the" most striking "headline in the med ios communication, which is translating into "disinformation" in the struggle to get the summary of the 'Oikos case'. "There was a competition to get the summary, and that is not good for the journalism profession," said .222222

On the former player and alleged ringleader of the match-fixing network, Carlos Aranda, Tebas revealed that they have been "behind" for many years. him, since when he was a player and he was a bird ". "The 'real truth' is that Aranda is a 'bird' and matches parties, another is the legal truth. I can say that he has rigged parties because I believe in him, he is not going to sue me for calling him 'bird' because, with the data that exists, knows that it can be condemned, "argued.

For him, if this case has come to light, it is because in Spain we" investigate and work ". "In Italy the match-fixing phenomenon continues to exist. In a match you can bet on up to 150 different things, it is impossible to limit bets, what you have to do is to investigate and work. up to 7 players involved (Valladolid) is a bluff, are one or two, "clarified.

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