Suárez, express recovery: "I'm spectacular with my knee"

The Uruguayan landed in Uruguay ready for the Copa América after being operated on meniscus in Barcelona: "I did a great job with the people of Barça."

Luis Suárez landed in Uruguay ready to play the Copa América from the first game. Nothing to wait for quarterfinals as had been speculated. So much that the Uruguayan arrived and has already been training with his teammates: "I'm spectacular, better than I thought. 2 One always tries to be strong in injury issues like that, but we did a great job with the people of the club to be as soon as possible. Possible. No rush, because we had margin but already in the best possible conditions to be with the team soon The break came to me to change the chip and forget how complicated was the end of the season The break came well after the wear all year, especially in the cartilage. I really want to join the team. "

What Suarez will not get after this express recovery is to end the controversy that has generated by operating before the Cup final to be able to arrive in conditions to the Copa América. Despite the statement in which he excused himself with the argument that he had operated on the meniscus, in his statements denotes that his great concern was the cartilage and rest has come phenomenal.

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