"I still rely on McLaren Sundays and development"

Carlos Sainz talks about the approach of Renault before Paul Ricard and the characteristics of the track: "With gravel and grass would be a circuit".

Carlos Sainz, at Paul Ricard, he expects another intense weekend in the fight for the middle zone. Great rivals incorporate important improvements, others will do it later, and now comes to a track that in theory will not benefit the MCL34, more similar to Barcelona than to Montreal.

-Can you improve the Canadian?

-With that we do not get stuck a 'tear off' (the films that pilots wear in the helmet's visor) ... In the set I do not think so. If you analyze it with perspective, it is easy to say that we are the sixth best car, or around, especially in classification. Renault and Haas always have two tenths more. On Sunday we are sometimes the fourth, the fifth or the sixth, it always seems that we go better. Last year we were one second behind Renault, it's good that now it's only three tenths.

-Was it surprised to see Renault so strong in Canada?

-I've seen Renault data from Australia and it's better than us in curve, it was a matter of seeing when they had a decent weekend. With Haas they have the fastest car in one lap and I am not surprised.

-Are you afraid that this weekend, with the improvements, Renault will take another step forward?

-To win the middle zone Renault does not need a step forward , your car is already good enough. If they take another step, they will make it more complicated. Although I still rely on Sundays of this team, how we develop this car and especially next year.

-What developments is McLaren worked on?

-We will bring things, there are still enough to bring. Enough to match with Renault? It is difficult, but we will bring.

-What do you think of Paul Ricard and his particular loopholes?

-I think it's a fun circuit because of the type of curves, they are very fast and there is a lot of grip. If you put gravel and grass would be a circuit, it is a pity that it is a test track. But the circuit is not to blame, it was created for that and then F1 decided to come here and that's it, that's what it is. If there was no chicane on the straight would give much more character, I proposed it to Charlie Whiting and he had it in mind, but what happened happened and he has not talked about it again.

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