Sports directors 'made in' the Annexes that succeed ...

In recent years, some sports directors have passed through the club, which this season have achieved success ... in other teams. Gómez has achieved it in Valladolid.

The list of sports directors in Real Valladolid is extensive and in recent years, but there is the curious fact that some of the latter are now triumphing in their clubs and not all managed to do so in the club blanquivioleta.

Starting the most recent, Miguel Ángel Gómez, current sports director, took over two years ago the pucelana sporting direction, without more experience, it was no small thing, that being the right hand of Monchi in Seville. The result can not be more spectacular: a miraculous ascent and a more extraordinary permanence. Both achievements are linked to Sergio González, but it can not be denied that Hinojosa del Duque's has been successful with key signings. Now he is preparing his third season, but first he must resolve the departure of his two closest collaborators. As already told AS, Jesus Sanchez Japan is going to Betis, and could be the curiosity that Angel Luis Catalina, also.

Gómez supplied two years ago to Braulio Vázquez, who has just promoted to First Division, in his second season in Osasuna , in addition to having achieved the promotion to Segunda B of its subsidiary. The Galician came to be sports director of Valencia, but in Valladolid had to face the shortage of resources. He made good templates, but not teams. Players like Kepa Arrizabalaga, Mario Hermoso, Roger Martí, Juan Villar, Mojica or Joan Jordan wore blanquivioleta thanks to him. Also Jaime Mata or Óscar Plano and was responsible for the return of Fernando Calero to the club. In his three seasons he did not achieve the goal of going up to the First Division, but with his inseparable Cata they did a good job that has had its fruit in Pamplona.

Braulio had replaced Alberto Marcos, with no experience in sports management. In the first of his two years he managed to stay with Djukic (2012-13), in First, but the second with the template in the hands of JIM the blanquivioletas went down. Marcos is currently the coordinator of the quarry, with considerable success. The arrival of the great captain came as a result of a year in which there was no sports director to use, although Marcos was in the technical secretariat. It was the season of promotion with the Serbian and Carlos Suárez, along with his friend Carlos Bucero, they made a team that managed to rise in a very distressing situation because there were unpaid and the club was at risk of disappearing. And is that the previous campaign, 2010-11, the sports management was in command of García Calvo, which had Chuti Molina as technical secretary and true connoisseur of all categories. He had never held that position before, he had dedicated himself to the quarries of Albacete and Celta. He did a good job, but the team fell in Elche's playoff. This Sunday, Molina got the promotion to Second with the Racing being him his sport director.

Roberto Olabe was the previous sport director. He arrived in 2008-09, was two seasons and went down, so he left the club. He was responsible for signings such as Alberto Bueno, Manucho or Pelé. The vitoriano was the artificer, before, of that Real Society of Denoix, that let escape the league in the last days. Subsequently, it has had periods linked to the Royal Society and the Qatari Academy of Aspire. Al Valladolid arrived to replace Caminero, who together with Víctor Orta, remained two seasons (2006-07 and 2007-08). In the first they got the promotion, with Mendilibar as coach, and in the second the permanence. Caminero, after going through Atlético de Madrid and reaching several Champions finals, is now fighting with Málaga for promotion to Primera, while Orta is the sporting director of Leeds United.

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