Sixers seeks to take hold: prepare a maximum contract for Butler

The Philadelphia block prepares an offer to keep the bodyguard. It could reach 190 million dollars for five years, according to Brian Windhorst (ESPN).

It was three weeks ago when the Sixers said goodbye to the dream of fighting for the ring. An interminable basket of Kawhi Leonard was the sentence in, perhaps, the most equal and exciting series of all the NBA playoffs. It does not matter if the difference between both blocks has been minimal or abysmal, because any elimination leads to a period of uncertainty and reflection in the loser side. At that moment begins the search for solutions that help the balance to settle in your favor If you see in the future a similar situation and the first is about to occur in the Pennsylvania franchise.

According to Brian Windhorst (ESPN), the Philadelphia 76ers prepare a maximum contract to keep Jimmy Butler, which could reach 190 million for five years. The player aimed to give priority to a maximum contract and, if they did not offer it in Philadelphia, did not rule out a change of scenery: The Lakers have shown interest in him.

And it is not for less, because the escort was, surely, the pillar of his team in the postseason and, due to the ups and downs of Embiid, loaded with the gallons at the moment of truth. In playoffs he has improved all his averages (19.4 points, 6.1 rebounds, 5.1 assists and 1.4 steals per game) and was key to keeping alive, until the last tenth of a second, the Sixers in the semifinals.

Por this, among others things, both the franchise and his coach Brett Brown want to continue counting on him. No other franchise could offer him a contract of the caliber of the Sixers and, much less a project that, if maintained, could aspire to the maximum. The first stone for the Sixers continue to grow aims to be Butler, but the franchise still has work ahead Tobias Harris and JJRedick also finish contract.

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