Sekou Doumbouya: huge potential for the 'new Siakam'

From Guinea to France, where he was already a professional with 15 years, and from there to an NBA in which he will debut with 18. His first dream was to be a footballer.

Number of the draft: XXX (XX TEAM XX)

Edad: 18 years (December 23, 2000 in Conakry, Guinea)

Height and weight: 2.06 and 105 kilos.

Last equipment: Limoges

Statistics French League: 7.7 points and 3.2 rebounds.

Puesto: Alero

With one year, he left Guinea with his mother and his brothers, for whom he was almost the father figure that did not exist because his father, a military man, had not made the trip to France with theirs. His first passion, like that of almost all French children, was football. Y started playing front until he was, literally, "too tall" to handle himself in comfort. At 13 he was 2.02 and, by inertia, had started playing basketball. Shortly afterwards, at 14, he was already in Paris, pampered by the French basketball net, which had found a new jewel.

Sekou Doumbouya signed his first professional contract in the summer of 2016, at 15 years old. Last season he taught his Limoges potential with a precocity that is part of his life story: he is now the youngest player in a 2019 draft from which he will debut in the NBA with 18 years (he will not turn 19 until two days before Christmas) .

In the current NBA, the value for the last champions (Warriors, Raptors) of Draymond Green and Pascal Siakam makes irresistible the potential of this French forward of Guinean origin which is impossible not to compare with the Raptors' backers. Its energy (what in the US they call the engine), its ability to defend almost any position on the track and a tremendous physical display to which still, by age, can add more brilliance in terms of strength, speed ... It still has a lot by polishing, but those faculties are well worth a bet for a player who will be important if he confirms everything he aims in defense and is growing in attack: his ball handling is not right now at the NBA level his outside shot is still in the process of increase. But, in a draft with many unknowns, it was worth betting on a player who seems to fit into an increasingly valuable role in the teams of maximum aspirations. So here is Doumbouya: from Guinea to France and from there, to the dream of the NBA.

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