Seen to sentence the trial against Soler for the attempted kidnapping of Soriano

According to sources of the case, the Office of the Public Prosecutor maintains the petition for six-month sentences for Juan Soler, Abdelatif Laaroubi and Ciro D'Anna and three months for Rachid Behdaoui.

The trial against Juan Soler, former president of Valencia CF and three others allegedly plotting a plan to kidnap Vicente Soriano, also former president of the club of Mestalla, has been seen for sentence.

Según sources of the case, the prosecution maintains the request of six-month sentences for Juan Soler, Abdelatif Laaroubi and Ciro D'Anna and de three months for Rachid Behdaoui, while the private prosecution maintains the eight-year petition for Soler, Laaroubi and D'Anna and a reduction of six to two years the petition for Behdaoui.

On the day of the trial this Friday has been heard the recording to check whether Soler had given or not Bendaoui conformity to carry out the kidnapping and in which was debated about the possibility that this recording could be manipulated.

Soler's defense has argued in the trial that the kidnapping does not was going to produce because Rachid Behdaoui was a police confidante.

The trial has been held since Wednesday after being postponed in October 2017 in the absence of the recording and the absence at that time of Bedhaoui, who was in provisional detention in Gibraltar for another matter.

During the trial, Soler denied that he had raised the possibility of carrying out the kidnapping and Soriano said that it was Rachid Behdaoui himself who informed him that Soler had personally proposed to take him forward.

The National Police had stopped on April 9 from 2014 to Soler, who was president of the club between 2004 and 2008, while Soriano was from 2008 to 2009.

The same day of the arrest, the court of Instruction number 12 of Valencia agreed to the provisional release of Soler after being accused de "attempt of kidnapping" and ordered a distance of fifteen meters of Soriano.

Ambos had maintained for some years a dispute over the sale of shares of the club by Soler to Soriano, which reached the Supreme Court.

In September 2008, Soriano bought the shares of Soler in Valencia CF for about 85 million euros co n the idea of selling them, together with their own and those of other shareholders, to Inversiones Dalport, but this company withdrew from the operation after the capital increase of the club.

Two judgments of the Supreme Court, the last one of February 2013 , forced Soriano and Dalport to pay Soler 20 and 39 million euros for two of the four promissory notes with which he had to deal with the purchase.

According to the Public Ministry, Soler, Laarouibi, D'Anna and Behdaoui agreed to the kidnapping to the exit of a cafeteria in the street Isabel la Católica de València, put it in a van and take it to a local Valencia street in the town of Alfafar, where they would hold him until he paid.

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