Santi Mina is tattooed the Copa del Rey on his leg

The striker keeps his promise and will have his first title in his body for life. The Galician presented his new 'work' on social networks.

The Valencia striker, Santi Mina, already proud of the Copa del Rey. The trophy already raised it enough times last weekend. What now luce is a tattoo on his leg that has 'presented' on social networks.

El Gallego already said before the end that would be tattooed the Copa del Rey because it was his first final. And with the title in his record has fulfilled its promise so every day of his life will remember the Copa del Rey that won with Valencia last weekend.

Santi Mina did not dispute a minute in the Cup final of the King but it is true that fue very important in the tournament, especially in the first rounds. At the first crossing, before the Ebro, the attacker ché turned the marker and avoided a humiliating defeat against a Second B, in La Romareda, with two goals. In the second round, ante Sporting, in Mestalla, was also decisive with another double.

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