"They said it was played because there were no flying objects and an umbrella should not be"

Djokovic entered the press room grumpily, immediately after losing to Thiem: "Friday's conditions are the worst I've suffered in my life."

Malmo, with a face of few friends, Novak Djokovic entered the main press room of Roland Garros a few minutes after losing in the semifinals against Dominic Thiem in a match that started on Friday with strong wind and continued on Saturday with another break for the rain in between. The Serbian was not at all happy with the conditions of play of the first day and he made it known to the press: "They are the worst I have suffered in my entire life." When you play with a hurricane wind you do not usually offer your best performance. There are rules for that. That's how they explained it to me in the first set.When I asked for the supervisor's presence, he entered the court and said that there were no flying objects falling on the track, it was fine.I did not know that an umbrella was not a flying object When I saw him flying in the first game of the game, but that was his decision, I guess they know more about tennis. "

In addition to this criticism, Djokovic declined to comment on more aspects of what happened on Friday and congratulated Thiem:" He played Very well, especially at the important moments, he made some great shots and passes, he managed to put some extra balls on the court at the end of the game He is doing great tennis. he is one of the best players in the world and I wish him the best for the final. "

The Serbian scored the game of the fifth set where he lost his serve with a 30-0 advantage:" It was unfortunate, with that double fault. A crucial game. Also the last, of course. But I repeat, you have to give Dominic credit for knowing how to use the correct shots against me, in a comfortable position for him on the court and open an angle at the end to close the game with a winner ".

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