Rubiales: "The favorite area for the Supercopa is the Middle East"

The president of the Spanish Football Federation insists on his idea of not playing on Mondays: "Under no circumstances do we want to play on Mondays."

The president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, said that the scenario of the Supercopa de España will be decided after summer, although the favorite of players and clubs is Middle East, and that there will be no total agreement with LaLiga for the new competition agreement.

"I think that at the end of the summer we will treat it well, the favorite area of the players and also of the clubs to avoid a large displacement is the Middle East, surely we will delimit some of the countries", He said at the end of the Ordinary General Assembly held this Monday.

Rubiales insisted that the calendar of the coming season, approved by the previous Assembly of the RFEF on April 29, "is the one that is worth, with the Supercopa in January ", with" good acceptance of both the union and the employers, "although LaLiga has asked to change n Wednesday, December 4 through May 13.

"If the employer asks us for a single change, which is from Wednesday to Wednesday, it is because I understand that it agrees with the rest; we are satisfied because there has been quite a consensus on it. If there is an agreement between AFE and LaLiga that would happen from December to May, we will move it and we will not put any pega, "he added.

Before maintaining tomorrow a new meeting with LaLiga to address the renovation of the competencies agreement, given that the current expires on June 30, Rubiales explained that it will not be possible a total agreement and that the main disagreement is in the games on Mondays and that the setting of schedules is a subject 'sub judice'.

" We under no concept want to play on Mondays. We are willing for on Fridays not only to play a game or two but to open more the fan. In the rest, an agreement is possible, there are only drafting problems that we are trying to approach. We are not happy that it is not going to be a total agreement, but because of responsibility we have tried to find the agreement in that 60, 80 or 85% ", he said.

Also commented that fixing the schedules is a subject 'sub judice' , after the Board of Directors of the Superior Council of Sports (CSD) did not approve its proposal so that high temperatures are not played before 19.30.

"We have said that any party near the summer season should be near 19.30 hours, unless the reports tell us that we are going to be below 30 degrees. He is right now 'sub judice' and let's wait. We have no problems in that the schedules are exploited by LaLiga jointly with the clubs, which are the owners, but the time zone has to be delimited by the Federation, "he said.

A asked for the changes that UEFA and the European Club Association ( ECA) are studied for European competitions from 2024, Rubiales advanced his intention of contact with Primera clubs to address the issue jointly with UEFA.

"We will do our job and shortly we will call the clubs of First Division so that they transmit their opinion to us and to work, but we want to make that meeting of the hand of UEFA, that comes here the director of competitions so that can answer the doubts that arise and take all the proposals of the Spanish soccer " , he said.

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