Rubiales appears in Operation Oikos for a grant for a field in Huesca

According to the police report, Petón promised to write a book about the Federation in exchange for the subsidy. The enclosure was not remodeled.

The police report of Operation Oikos, whose secret summary was lifted this Friday, picks up two conversations "in which the alleged unfair adjudication of the construction of a field for SD Huesca granted by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is observed (RFEF ). " In the same document it appears that the aforementioned adjudication would be legal but that it would be " conditioned to the preparation of a book for the RFEF by José Antonio Martín Otín (Petón) ", councilor of the Aragonese club. The matter is part of a separate piece of Operation Oikos and appears Luis Rubiales, president of the FEF. In any case, that subsidy never arrived.

According to the report, "the plot of corruption would involve both José Antonio Martín (Petón) and Agustín Lasaosa (president of Huesca) and Luis Manuel Rubiales (president of the Spanish Federation) ".

According to the document prepared by the Central Unit of Specialized Crime and Violence, Petón undertook to write a book for the ETF in exchange for a grant for the remodeling of the field of Huesca. The concession, according to the report, "is totally unfair" . In it, it is pointed out that, using the Aragonese Federation, through Óscar Fle (president), several projects, except for Huesca, located in the Institute, would be rejected. of Secondary Education Pyramid. However, it states that the pact for this preferential treatment would have closed behind Fle. The case could be considered a crime of corruption between individuals, which provides for prison terms of six months to four years.

"The RFEF, through its president, Luis Rubiales, would be benefiting from the writing of the book by of José Antonio Martín and, in turn, the SD Huesca would benefit from the subsidy received by the Federation for the acquisition or remodeling of a training camp ", is indicated in the document.

In report includes a conversation between Petón and Lasaosa in which the first claims to have spoken with Rubiales and asks the second to request Fle to present the proposed remodeling of the field of Huesca.

In a moment of the conversation, Petón comments: "Well you have to tell him that Luis has said to ask four fields in Aragon or several in Zaragoza so they can say no to all because they have no more esupuesto, minus one, which is the Huesca in the IES ".

Y later adds:" Then that you know we have been talking to Luis that we have an excellent relationship with him and with Juan I have ordered a book from the Spanish team that I did not want to do it because I do not have time but in the end as they said yes to this I also said yes to that ".

In a second conversation, this one between Agustín Lasaosa and Óscar Fle, the first one indicates that Rubiales" He has committed to making the football quarter in the IES Pyramid " and confirms that there will be money for that facility.

Sources close to the Aragonese Federation pointed out that this grant was never requested because that body does not make requests of this nature for the professional soccer. In fact, the forecast for this year, if there is a budget for a single field, this would be built in the city of Teruel.

El Huesca uses a training camp that was remodeled three years ago in the IES Pyramid, on the outskirts from the city. Now a second field of natural grass and a third of artificial grass for its inferior equipment are under construction. The fourth is that of the controversy. In addition, in the complex there would be a residence for soccer players of which the first stone has not yet been laid.

Petón defends himself in Cope: "If it is a crime to ask for a field for Huesca, I will keep on doing it "

José Antonio Martín" Petón "spoke in Game Time about this news:" A few months ago, Juan Rubiales, chief of staff, calls me and tells me that he has read an article of mine in the Revista de Occidente that talks about The last game that the National Team plays in Madrid and that Garcia Lorca attended in 1936. I refer you to talk later because I had two books of mine, taking advantage of the conversation, I explained what I spoke with Villar, that Huesca is the only one Capital of the province of Spain that does not have a municipal field, I told him that we had stopped all this from the field and that he was with the corresponding procedures. field for the students of Huesca and now for the women's team. Rubiales told me that a club could not request it and I told him that it was from the Alcoraz Foundation, not the club. Rubiales told me then that we could not field because he only had 80.000 euros to make fields throughout Spain. If it is a crime to ask for a field for SD Huesca, I will continue doing it. You know the month that I am going through. The lawyers tell us that we can not talk until the Huesca is dismissed. Now I'm like a beast jumping into the gullet who are talking badly about Huesca "

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