Rodrygo will go to the right

He has offered to change the band. Its natural habitat is the left flank of the attack, but there Hazard and Vinicius plug it ...

El free left of the attack of the next Real Madrid de Zidane will be occupied by the galactic signing of the white summer, Hazard, and from behind will tighten Vinicius. Even Brahim, that Zizou won in that area last season. But is also the natural habitat of Rodrygo, who will have to change bands. "I usually play on the left, but I have no preferences, I will adapt to what they ask me", explained the young Brazilian in his presentation.

It will be a resource to find a loophole in the other band where it seems, a priori, easier to stick your head out There, on the right, are Asensio and Lucas Vázquez (whom Madrid wants to transfer), in the absence of knowing what finally happens with the entrenched Bale. But it will be an important effort for Reynygo because he has barely played on the right side twice with Santos in the Brasileirao. In none of them marked. In fact, when he was moved from position, more often he went to center forward. This is what Cuca did and then Sampaoli. Neither with Brazil U-20, in the South American last January, he was seen in the right area of the offensive, which would have to adapt quickly because there could not exploit one of its virtues, the shot to the leg changed (is right-handed) .

Tests in the Castilla ...

Habrá to see what solution Zidane takes, but Madrid likes the possibility that it goes to the right ... so that he and Vinicius do not get stuck together. The test bench could be Castilla de Raúl, which Rodrygo says he is willing to download if necessary. The preseason will dictate judgment in the casting to organize the potential Plan B of Zidane in his attack. The first thing the Frenchman wants is to see his new arsenal up close, among which he already has Rodrygo ...

At the moment, the Brazilian showed that he has come for all and the day after signing for Real Madrid, and to be on vacation, trained in Valdebebas:

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