Rodrigo is the priority, but Atlético covers up with Llorente

The Real Madrid midfielder is still the main candidate if he leaves '14 '. At Atlético, they wait for Rodrigo's response, who asked for time.

El Atlético is still waiting for Rodrigo. After finishing his season after the last game with his team, the midfielder left on vacation and transferred him to the club that he needed a few more days to think.

Rodrigo has explained his doubts to Atletico. There are three first-line foreign teams willing to put everything on the table for him. That means los 70 million of the clause of rescission. With the addition of that they would turn it into basic piece of their respective projects. Until yesterday the situation remained the same. Atlético expected everything to be clear, but the player asked for more days and he is respected. The club is willing to match the offer that the player receives from outside.

However, in parallel, Atlético is not stopped. The sports management is alert and is polled and advances on a list of players to balance their hypothetical march. In that sense, AS AS explained on May 6, the favorite would be Marcos Llorente, 24-year-old midfielder of Real Madrid. The Cope Chain announced today that Atlético is moving towards an agreement with Real Madrid. The interest rojiblanco is not new and with the player there would be little to talk. The idea of playing in Atletico has long been seductive, and that possibility was probed last season, but then Real Madrid, after Zidane's departure, did not let him out. Now it is evident that he will abandon the white discipline and Atlético is very well placed.

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