Rexach insists: no to Griezmann

"I was annoyed by the video he made and I said I would not sign him in. He plays in the same position as Messi and there are other players who would fit better," he explained in El Suplement, of Catalunya Ràdio.

Carles Rexach, 72 years old, was invited to the program El Suplement de Catalunya Ràdio. Legend of Barça, advisor to Josep Maria Bartomeu, still in good shape and with activity. Play tennis, soccer; he rides a bicycle ... And he keeps his own criteria. Despite being supposedly very close to the Barca club, Rexach maintains that he would not sign Griezmann for Barça despite the fact that it will be a bet of the coach he advises: "The president (Bartomeu) has not asked me for an opinion, but one day they asked me and I said that I would not sign Griezmann I was upset by the video that he made and then I also said that is a football player that plays in the same position as Messi. Maybe we should look for one that played in the profile, I think there are other players that would fit better or do something different ". More condescending showed with Neymar: "He had the problem of how he left. Because everything that happens in Can Barça has a great significance, but it would be a more important player than the one that is being talked about" .

Rexach took away responsibility Valverde for the bumps against Liverpool and Valencia: "Everyone is talking about Valverde because when you lose whoever gets to receive is always the coach. But I am of the opinion that players win and lose. Valverde and if he continues, welcome, it is not the culprit, I have played, when he played and lost, a coach was thrown in. And this is from the players, the coach gives some guidelines, but who win and lose are the players " .

The emblematic Charly tried to give an explanation to the Anfield disaster: "There is one thing that is basic, sometimes you win 3-0 in the first leg, how many times have we gone back 3-0? s at Camp Nou, and even a 4-0. It is possible that they went to Rome and Liverpool without knowing how to face the game. You enter into doubts. When you go 0-0 or 1-0 it seems like a bad result but you know what you have to do. I think we did not know how to face the game. I think people may miss why not go for the game from the start. "

Rexach had no problem admitting that voted for Puigdemont in the last European elections. " I was not very interested in politics. My Father was from the left and my mother from the right. There were never any problems at home, but when the cousins came, there was always trouble until my father said enough. I have always voted for Convergence. Now, to Junts pel Yes. I do not like that the name has changed, but hey. I voted for Puigdemont, yes. I'm waiting now to see how this ends because we've gone so far that I do not know how we'll fix it. It has been so complicated that I do not know how it will come out. I would like to be an optimist but now I do not know. Sometimes under the morals. I do not know what will happen, although I'm not worried. When you can not do anything ... What can I do, vote? So I voted ".

Y, as almost always, ended talking about Cruyff and trying to demystify at last the clichés that there are about the end of the relationship between the two: " I do not want to be a ghost but they joined several things with us at Barça . First, Cruyff, who was not scared at critical moments. Me neither. I believe that the tandem that we formed was unrepeatable. I was an important uncle here and he was in the world. We had played together for a long time and created a line that Barça has followed for a long time and we have to be careful not to get lost. And if one left, he would wear another. I have never had a problem with Cruyff. The problem has been more of the environment. There were some who have always been interested in saying that there were problems and I never had it. Barça, City and Ajax are the teams that best play football. I thought some would be in the Champions League final but football has these things ".

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