Renault moves away from McLaren

The French team opens in Paul Ricard an aerodynamic package to take advantage in the middle zone. Although for Sainz, the RS19 "was already good before".

The 'Great Circus' returns to Europe and returns the evolutions race that was paused in Monaco, due to the peculiarities of the circuit, and Canada, due to its distance from the factories. In fact, Binotto points out that in Montreal "the Ferrari was exactly the same as the one in Barcelona", contrasting one of Maranello's poorest races with a weekend in which they fought to win. Here all the teams incorporate new features, although highlights two: Renault and Ferrari. Others, such as Racing Point, will wait for Germany to introduce a car "almost completely new" .

The French premiere at home its great aerodynamic package on the chassis, in which they have high hopes to settle as fourth team on the grid. "We introduce a lot of developments here and it's an opportunity to be more competitive," said Abiteboul, "in Canada we emphasize the profits of our engine, but we can not settle for it." Ricciardo and Hulkenberg, 8th and 12th of the classification, are waiting. "This weekend is one of the fat ones for us. Although the car has always had a rhythm, it has been a victim of human problems and errors", says the German.

, and McLaren? The middle zone hardens and those of Woking still defend that fourth place in the classification. As Sainz has already shown, they have never had "the fourth car", and "Renault and Haas have something more in classification". Andreas Seidl, team leader, also shows it by answering As: "Looking at the first races, I see two trends: on long-lane tracks our car seems to perform better than in others like Monaco or Barcelona. Most of the prizes the pace of the race has been better than the performances on one lap ". The driver from Madrid, to this newspaper: " To win the middle zone Renault does not need a step forward, your car is already enough I'm still trusting on McLaren Sundays and we have enough pieces left to bring in. I'm not surprised by Renault, I've been seeing your data from Australia and in the corner they're faster than us, it was only a matter of time before they had a decent weekend. But last year McLaren was one second behind Renault, it's good that now they are only a few tenths. "

As for the SF90, the most noteworthy novelty is also the one that s affects the behavior of a car: his front wing. The revolutionary concept that Ferrari incorporated in the pre-season, so different from Mercedes or Red Bull, has given benefits in terms of efficiency in straight, but Vettel and Leclerc do not find grip on 'front-end' tracks that require high downforce when there are fast curves. That idea does not change, but moderates with the latest design. "It will not be the solution to our problems, but it will be important for our next movements," says Binotto.

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