Rein and Operation Oikos: "You can not distort reality by the abuse of some"

Luis Rubiales: "When there is a final decision it will be the moment that, at the administrative level, some kind of decision is made if it is necessary to take it".

The president of the Superior Council of Sports (CSD), María José Rienda, said that "you can not distort the reality by the abuse of some" , alluding to the players allegedly involved in the operation 'Oikos' over a network of fiddlers of results of soccer matches.

María José Rienda defended that from all agencies, CSD, RFEF and LaLiga, will defend cleanliness in sport. "We condemn these things so that they do not happen and protect the values of sport, but not because of the abuse of 'x', reality can be distorted.We will fight against what is not to follow a line according to what sports represent, against that people who abuse ", said.

She said the CSD president after attending the fifth edition of the awards 'We Are All Students' during a gala held in Telefónica District and chaired by the Infanta Elena de Borbón, and in which she received One of the awards for the promotion of the 'Abuse Out of Play' campaign.

"I am proud to receive an award from Movistar Students, the work of clubs and federations is very important. its value by ten or more, "stressed the exesquiadora.

Luis Rubiales

El president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, said Wednesday that his organization applies a policy of "zero tolerance" with the fighters, but noted that while there is no final decision in the case of Valladolid can not begin to talk about sanctions.

"All questions that are administrative are pending of any kind of confirmation at the criminal level. Therefore, right now is not the time to talk about sanctions. Now what we have is to investigate to the fullest and collaborate with the maximum justice, "he told EFE.

Rubiales, who participated in Paris at the 69th Congress of FIFA, stressed that as soon as there is a final ruling" it will be time that, at the administrative level, some kind of decision is made if it is necessary to take it ".

The president of the RFEF spoke in reference to the presumed involvement of seven Real Valladolid players in the supposed match of the last match with Valencia, that, if it were confirmed, could make Valladolid lose six points and cause his demotion.

Rubiales stressed that the RFEF was the one who put the case in the hands of the police and thanked the work done since then by the agents.

"Right now we have to continue collaborating and we must also wait, with prudence, to see what happens, because the presumption of innocence is there ", stressed the Spanish representative at the Congress in Paris, where Gianni Infantino was re-elected president until 2023.

The Swiss leader, the only candidate for the position, was endorsed by acclamation.

" It has been an expected re-election with overwhelming support. We hope that these policies of transparency and good governance will continue to be implemented, as well as with very good economic results. Today I think it's an important day. We must congratulate the protagonist, who is Gianni Infantino ", concluded Rubiales.

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