Quirós, in form: "Before every week I opted for victory"

The one from Guadiaro is already at -4 in the Andalucía Valderrama Masters. He became world top-25 eight years ago and now he regains his game. He trains in Valderrama.

Álvaro Quirós is 36 years old and is number 280 in the world. A good golfer, but there was a time when the Guadiaro was sailing between the top-20 and 30 world. It was between 2010 and 2011, when its very long punch impressed and achieved an average of one tournament per year. His game went off, with some flashazo like the victory of 2017 in Sicilia, and now he tries to recover that way. It was 18th two weeks ago in Denmark, third last in Germany, and in the Estrella Damm Andalucía Valderrama Masters follows the upward dynamic. It is -4. "The result is positive, but the work is even better", analyzes optimist.

Quirós reflects on his past and his current reality: "Formerly for me every week could be a victory, now not anymore. That disappeared because of the bad game. But I'm hitting the ball decently. It is an achievement for me to make another cut. It's about doing consistent laps, every time. " Quirós plays in Valderrama with the field factor, because Guadiaro is stuck to the historic course. "Unofficially I do it every day, because here I train myself how many times have I played it? I can not tell you. The field changes a lot every day. "

And what happened so that Quiros left and now he has returned? "Many times the result is not true to the work you do in the field. In my case I'm waiting for that to come back. Watching her come, because you see that you play well and do not do very little. Before I was not the most consistent either, when I was among the 50 in the world. But I did have more confidence and certain poise than now I do not have in so many rounds ".

Quirós was a leader in an Augusta Masters, has eight professional victories, and if before "it was not the most consistent in the world", I was hitting claws that were worth tournaments, when the inspiration came in. "I'm happy with what's coming. My levels are acceptable, it's just a matter of attitude". Golf has, will Quirós be covered in Valderrama?

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