Quartararo: "The Yamaha gives you confidence from the beginning"

"Márquez has made a vueltón.I've got a little angry when I've seen TV, because I was second, but I thought I had done worse," he says.

Fabio Quartararo got a little angry when he saw that Marquez had taken the pole, because he thought it had been for a very short time, but then understood that the champion "had given a vueltón" . It is no novelty to see the rookie of Petronas Yamaha SRT in the top positions, because he was pole in Jerez and any day will fall his first podium ...

-Will it be like this all year round?

-We have really done a great job since November. We have not burned stages, we have gone little by little and the team has helped me a lot by not putting pressure on me. When you are in the Sepang test and you see that you are one second away from the best rookie, Bagnaia; and I wanted to be there ... They helped me to be calm. With calm, we have gone little by little and already in Qatar we put ourselves up in the tests, and since then improving. We knew that in the race it would be more difficult, but I'm happy.

-If I had more top speed, would not the pole have escaped?

-Márquez has made a vueltón. I got angry a little when I watched TV, because I was second, but I thought I had done worse. But when I saw the 1: 45.5 of him, it was very fast. Improving two tenths when you are in this rhythm is already the host.

-Has made a perfect Q2, improving times and alone, right?

-The first exit had many people waiting and I shot alone, to see what I could do. If there were times that had not been good, in the second I would have looked for a wheel, but we did 1: 45.9 and in the second 1: 45.7. But there I was a little angry because I did not expect to do 45 on that lap. I feel very good with the bike and we hope to have the same confidence tomorrow.

-Is it easier to be fast with the MotoGP than with the Moto2?

-Easier not, because in this category there are many more things to learn . Electronics, tire management, engines that have a lot of potential. It is true that the Yamaha is a bike that gives you a lot of confidence from the beginning. But I would say that I had a faster adaptation, but not easier.

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