Portugal: "I knew Renan Lodi and still he made me a broken"

The Spanish coach coincided with the young athletic side in Paranaense and then he has had as a rival in the Libertadores. "He is already used to working at European level", assures AS.

You know Lodi very well. Describe it.

Yes, when I was there in the Paranaense in 2014 he played in the youth, with 17 years, and already pointed a lot. He was a very nice boy and in the field always with a lot of cheek. Always very offensive. Your quality with the ball came into your eyes, your touch in the centers. I was given a lot of air to what Marcelo is, that Brazilian left-handed school. But he also likes to make diagonals inside, because he drives very well and has a good pass. I liked it very much.

Worked personally with him?

In some workouts. We were climbing some guys and he was one of them. We also played games and he was one of those who came with 16 or 17 years. He was a very focused guy and he continues like this. This year I have faced him in La Libertadores with Wilstermann and I have spoken with his coaching staff. There were several promising kids. He, Bruno Guimaraes ... I have a good relationship with Thiago Nunes, his technician. He is leading the team very European, very much to ours and I asked him. He told me that Lodi is still the same. Very professional, eager to succeed. The only uncertainty with these guys, obviously, is how is the adaptation to Europe going to be. But, by his way of being and his character, I think he will assimilate well.

Del 16-year-old boy who saw as juvenile the player who faced this season in the Libertadores, what has seen Lodi grow?

Pues I made a break for his band and that I knew him. Although we prepared the game knowing that he was the main offensive trick of the Paranaense, he destroyed us. Within the progression that was presumed, it has been growing. I insist, the only doubt may be the adaptation to Europe, but otherwise it has it. Quality, character and professionalism.

How do you see it in the athletic organization?

It is true that when you think about this player you think more about him for a team that thinks more about the attack. The same Simeone changes, you never know. Lodi does not defend badly, but logically if you pay attention to him it is by how he attacks, by how he unbalances by his band. Then in a team that has more the ball, like Barcelona or Real Madrid, the same from that perspective you can see more in a scheme similar to that. But obviously, if Simeone has signed him is because he likes their conditions.

Hablando precisely Lodi defensive conditions, how are they?

He is very fast, rectifies the position well. Logically, he is very young and has yet to learn. I remember that when Filipe started with me at Castilla he was an extreme and, in the end, he learned to defend and became a great left winger. Lodi is one of those Brazilian sides where you look for the imbalance by band that is capable of generating when you have the ball. You do not look at him in defense because what catches your attention when you see the Paranaense is how his left side goes up. That's what comes into your eyes. But he has a good character and he knows he has to defend.

It is interesting that he tells us that in Paranaense he has become accustomed to work in Europe.

Yes, that's the way it is. When we were there we started that methodology that the Paranaense has continued with a Thiago Nunes that has surpassed us. He has done great campaigns, they have won the South American ... Lodi has that knowledge, both in terms of training and style of play. For example, he will absorb the methodology and the European workloads well because he already knows them well, we have already introduced them there and the club has continued it.

What is the next project of Miguel Ángel Portugal?

Pues wait Let's see if we can train here in Spain. I've been away for a long time now and we'd like to take a team with a good project and do things right here. One is proud to have been away for a while, because you leave a legacy that many times you recognize. That is pretty. When we talk to Paranaense and listen to what Thiago Nunes says about us, I like it. They recognize that we have that way of working that they have now and it fills you with pride. The Spanish coach is very prepared and when we leave we leave a legacy that others can also take advantage.

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