Portu leaves Girona and will sign until 2023 with the Royal Society

The signing of the Murcia striker is made in the absence of an official. The club will pay nine million fixed euros and another one in variables.

Cristian Portuguese 'Portu' will be new player of the Real Sociedad for the next four seasons. In the absence of the operation becomes official, the transfer of the attacker from Girona to the entity from San Sebastian is closed. The Murcian player will sign with the San Sebastian club until June 2023, and the price of the operation will be that of the amount of the rescission clause, 10 million euros, but divided into 9 fixed million and another variable amount.

Portu home this weekend and all the parties wanted him to leave on vacation with his future resolved, although the signing will not be official until the return of his honeymoon, when he will also be officially presented in San Sebastian as a new player of the Real . In the negotiations, the Girona has asked the Real to wait until July to execute the operation so that the sale will compute it within the next year. But everything is confirmed in the absence of signing and being formalized by both clubs. Portu agrees on the conditions offered in the Real, with a contract for the next four seasons; while with Girona there is also agreement for the form of payment of the amounts in which it had been assessed to the player from Murcia.

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