Pogba has the Solskjaer yes for sale, according to Daily Star

The player prefers a return to Juventus before signing for Madrid, according to the English tabloid, which talks about a sale close to 160M €.

Everything seems to indicate that the next weeks will be the last of Paul Pogba as a player of Manchester United. According to the Daily Star, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would have agreed with the managers of Manchester United the sale of the French international this summer. The English tabloid says that this decision would be motivated by the insufficient budget of signings that would have the noruego to undertake a thorough renovation of the staff in Mancunian after one of the worst seasons in the club's recent history, which is why Romelu could also leave Lukaku club.

Such Solskjaer as Ed Woodward, United CEO, were reluctant to sell, and it has even been commented that le would have offered to double his salary: would go from charging 16 million a year to 29 per season. However, the adjusted budget of the club after several years of exorbitant costs, 160 million seeking to enter with the sale of French and various disciplinary problems would have tipped the balance.

Nor would have helped the recent statements of Pogba, who said he felt ready " for a new challenge. " "After this season and everything that has happened this season, with my season being my best season as well." I think it might be a good time for me to have a new challenge somewhere else I'm thinking about this: have a new challenge elsewhere, "he said at a rally held in Tokyo.

Pogba prefers Juventus

The Daily Star also announces the preference of the Frenchman, who would oppose a hypothetical return to the Italian champion before signing for Real Madrid. Pogba already dressed as a 'bianconero' from 2012 to 2016 and in recent days rumors have intensified about a possible return of the Frenchman to Turin. AS could know, Juventus would be able to offer more than 100 million euros to United for the French, although they know that it will be necessary to improve their offer and are willing to do so. In this operation, Nedved's good relationship with his agent, Mino Raiola, as well as Pogba's relationship with his ex-companions and with the Juventina fans, in fact, was in May celebrating the eighth consecutive scudetto of his old team.

al Real Madrid, it is well known all over the world that is an express request of Zidane, which prefers United 6 rather than Eriksen. However, in the last few weeks the words of an anonymous manager of Real Madrid who say they would not be mortgaged by the French have been published in L'Équipe: "If a Neymar or a Mbappé arrives, we can easily give them 20 million of euros per year because they are great world stars, but a player like Pogba, who is very good, can not land like that and immediately become the best-paid man, he has to think and make those who advise him think ".

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