Petrucci is a doctor, winning to Marquez for 43 thousandths

Tremendous race in which the Italian premieres his winning box with a double pass in the last round to Dovizioso, third, and Marc, more leader. Great room of Rins.

Timely MotoGP race at the Mugello circuit, the Ducati home where Petrucci has taken great pleasure in winning his first Grand Prix victory. The Italian has done so by beating none other than Marquez on the last lap. Dovizioso, who have accompanied him on the podium in that order and who has overcome in a double overtaking in the first corner of the last lap.

Each of the 23 laps that lasted the race had something, but it was the last one that decided everything. Márquez started third, with Rins close to him and the two official Ducati ahead. Surprisingly, or maybe not so much anymore, the Honda overtook the two Italian bikes on the straight. A 345.1 km / h Marc flew for the 342.6 of Andrea and the 339.6 of Danilo, but entered a tad open in the first corner, San Donato, which also led to Dovi, stuck to his wheel, to have some problem to put your motorcycle To see such a panorama, Petrux did not cut a hair and put his Desmosedici inside both. The three heads turned in parallel separated by millimeters and the worst placed was Dovizioso, who was sandwiched between his rivals and had to cut slightly, what served for Márquez to keep the second place and Petrucci the first.

The race order did not change more in the first four positions during the rest of the last lap. Marc did not have to shot at any time overtaking On the first and Dovizioso, who did have the option of attacking the Spaniard at the last corner, he did not know how to do it. In the final stretch they did not change the positions and Petrucci received the victory signal with 43 thousandths of advantage over a leading Marquez.

The champion gets this result four more points to Dovizioso, which remains twelve after that could contain by 0.197 a Rins that was one of the great inducements of the test. The best start was Dovizioso, who won eight positions in a lap, from ninth to second, but eye what was done by Suzuki. He started thirteenth and, after winning six places in the first lap, he came to lead in the eleventh, although he was short on the head. The Ducati and the Honda burned him quickly on the straight, but left the seal, and the good.

The one who was left wanting to do something important was Miller, who went to the ground on lap 16 when he was marching fifth. It was one of those that happened to Márquez at that crazy moment of the race, when the champion passed in a peep pas from the leadership to the fifth. The one of the Repsol Honda knew how to fit well the blow to happen later to the attack and to take a booty that, without being the best, because it tried to win and this time it did not leave to him, it was terrific. We must bear in mind that he got a cold, that he had a fever on Thursday and Friday, that he was running in a circuit where he traditionally suffers, in which he is whistled every time he goes up to the podium, which slips, and from which he goes more leader.

Respect to the rest of Spaniards, Maverick returned to pay expensive a bad exit, because it lost three places from the seventh position that occupied and later it went back up to the sixth, surpassed also by Nakagami. Further back ended Pol (9th), Aleix (11th), Mir (12th) and Lorenzo (13th). Rabat did not take the exit.

Special Mention deserves Rossi, who has starred in one of the worst Mugello of his life. He was running last (21st), after suffering a run off with Mir, when he fell on the eighth lap. He was coming out 18th and this time he could not work the miracle in the race. He will have the opportunity to seek revenge in Montmeló, where Petrucci will no longer arrive with the blank victory box but a doctorate. Lorenzo's replacement is gaining renewal at times. Let's see if it repeats in Catalonia. From now on it will be necessary to take it even more into account.

Results of the Italian GP of MotoGP

The next race, in two weeks in Montmeló.

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