Pellegrino: "I hope the Lega falls less sympathetic to win more"

Mauricio Pellegrino (47 years old) has been watching since his renovation his second project in Leganés loaded with ambition, but also with caution.

Mauricio Pellegrino (47 years old) is a nostalgic football of yesteryear locked in a modern ambition mentality. He knows that his profession is unfolding in parameters of extreme professionalism, but he longs for those times in which playing was more important than competing.

Cauto in every word he utters, talks of the future feeling every statement is not going to be a quilombo . In the signings, in his relationship with the dressing room, in his link with the press ...

They are all those actors and important ingredients in the shaker of his second project in front of Leganés. He has renewed for two years after having spent just 12 months of a landing that was forced, but ended up distilling the best season in the history of the club in First Division.

Cuentan freed a lot after the renovation ...

I have lived with certain, no uncertainty, but with some anxiety.

Le offered to renew in November with the team on the decline, but refused ...

Porque had to attend to reality. It would not have been nice to sign two years and in December, for example, they would throw me out if the results did not go well. The clubs when they should change a coach is not because the coach is good or bad, but because they play 50-60 million euros.

It's a lot ...

Today the game was absorbed by the business, but the business helps the game: that be more beautiful, make it more of a show ... They go hand in hand. You have to go hand in hand.

You're nostalgic about old football ...

In some things. Today our players have a greater showcase, they are better known, they have more possibilities ... but we played more. We had more fun. I never wanted to be a soccer professional. I played ball. I transformed without realizing.

Le will be surprised when a player says he does not watch games.

Not all players have an obligation to like football.

Is there any of those in the Leganés?

I know there are many people who do not watch soccer. And well ... it's natural. Playing football is a gift. But maybe you do not like watching football as a hobby. All people are not equal.

Ya ... but squeak ...

If in any task, you love what you do, you are unfailingly a little better. The most important thing is to enjoy what you do. I got into football because I was happy playing football.

It feels like it was easier to renew him than to sign him.

Because the club always knew that I wanted to stay. I could have speculated. I could have said 'At the end of the year we talk', as other coaches do. But I got engaged. The club always knew what he thought.

Algún suitor called him.

Here some teams that yes, they called me to know my situation ... but well ...

How do you make Leganés grow?

When I spoke with Felipe [Moreno, club owner] was simple: he told me that there were 47-48 million here that could be put. Nothing else. Being more ambitious is not a matter of having more money. People are what we do, not what we say.

What Lunin follows is almost impossible ...

But it is very complicated because it does not depend on us. There are operations that are complex because they are not our players. There are simpler people out there because there are buying options. We will try to make the effort to stabilize things that were done well last year.

Cuéllar has done with the Valladolid?

I do not know that. That's what you say. The player told us that at the end of the season he would consider the options. I refer to your attitude. The boy has been very good. If Cuéllar sees us as an option, I would like to have him.

How is a case like yours handled?

Accepting the rules of the game. A player when the contract ends, has the right to sign with another club from January 1. In the locker room it falls well. He's a leader. When the team was at a difficult time, he was one of those people on whom the team relied.

That's why he opted for him and not for Lunin.

Lunin is today much more goalkeeper today than a year ago. We have helped him grow. You would have to ask him. Would it have been better if he had played 30 games? Definitely. We, in Leganés, are humble, but we manage our destiny as we believe it is the best. We thank the Madrid because he helped us with two players who made us better.

Can you stay Carrillo or Braithwaite?

Today I do not seeNothing is possible, to be honest. This is like when you are looking for an apartment. It's yours when you sign, not when you went to see it.

Have you already talked to any of them?

With some yes. The important thing is what they want.

It will be vital to keep En Nesyri.

A I would like to keep everything possible. Even guys who have not played. Because I think they have room for improvement.

Do you understand that El Zhar forced his exit?

Obvious yes, of course. I understand it and the player also understands that by going to another place no one assures him that he will have a better time than here. Luis Angel Duque says that players are paid to train and earn the right to shower. And then, if they play, better. That phrase is good ...

How was the relationship with El Zhar?

Nabil has had an exemplary behavior. He was penalized for the style. We play without ends and we are a round trip block. That causes a lot of wear. When we do not control the game much, people like Nabil do not find there the last of his shoe.

Arnáiz says that, "tell or not" with him, he wants to stay.

It is so. You have a contract He is a young player. Hopefully you can find here a place to enjoy the profession.

Would you have liked to give Szymanowski more options?

Yes, of course. He has had a good behavior as a captain.

Do you see him as a lane?

I think he has the capacity to be one. I see that he has a diagonal, one against one, he is a strong guy, he is disciplined, he is used to arriving and focusing well. He has a goal. He can play in the middle or in the lane.

Will he follow Szymanowski?

I think Szymanowski deserves to be on the team next year. Play friendly and help your teammates.

And someday the Leganes will play in Europe?

For that you have to win many games. You have to win many more games, be a better team and then you have to be ready to play in Europe. It takes a lot of staff, a lot of mentality ... but of course if the Getafe or the Alavés did ... that's a good thermometer for us.

They are small, but ambitious clubs

Now we are nice for being small. I wish we were not so nice because we started to win. When a team wins, it does not fall as nice.

Perhaps some pressure on Leganés would not hurt.

It's true. We do not have a large mass of people who come to us, but the clubs are not the social mass. Clubs grow from the mentality of their people. If we are mentally better and work with team spirit, it will be the best asset of this institution.

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