"When Pedrosa says something, in KTM they get more serious"

Pol believes that the mentality of Catalan is making them a winning team and now they just need to trust more in their potential.

KTM returned to the World Championship with the goal of becoming a winning structure and expanding the leadership they held in the lower categories of the championship. The podium they harvested in the hands of Pol Espargaró in Valencia 2018 made them dream again and the results with which the Spaniard has started the season, now tenth overall, allow him to do even more. At least with the driver of Granollers at the handlebar of the RC16, his aspirations on the asphalt begin to be exciting and much has to do with this performance the signing that the Austrians conceived during the previous season.

The arrival of Dani Pedrosa to Mattighofen has made the KTM take a leap of quality that already allows him to enter the fight for important results. With the Catalan recovered from his injury, he climbed again to the RC16 in the Brno tests, now there is another pending task: to believe in themselves. The pilot of Castellar is showing them the way and Pol says in 'motogp.com' that mentality within the Austrian brand has changed: "Dani helps us to face the races as a winning team, now we think in a different way." We think about how a winning team does things, and how a winning team he hopes to win, starting already from the FP1, and how you must configure everything to be a team won. "

La victory, that seemed unattainable when they began their journey in the queen class in 2017, begins to be seen on the horizon. From Austria there was a margin of 3 years to become a winning project and although the title is still a little distant, in KTM you can already allow yourself to ambition with good results. Mattighofen's cornerstone settled in Pedrosa and hence the importance they are having their words in this new stage: "When Dani says something everyone gets more serious if he says something does not work. People understand from the first moment that does not work and they take very seriously what he says, also what I say, but Dani is Dani ... and having spent so many years in a winning team, they trust him a lot ".

With Spanish inside From the garage and the obligation to continue evolving a mount that is beginning to unleash its potential, the demand is increasing to begin to collect good results: "The pressure is higher because Dani is here, this is very good for me as a driver because all the small pieces of the factory work in a very professional way "and although from the other side of the garage the numbers are not what they expected, Zarco has only added 10 points for the 38 of his partner, Espargaró is still confident: "The pressure is high, but it will bring results" .

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