Pedals with Iñaki de Miguel to put 'Brake the Ictus'

La Pilgrim, as its director Julio Linacero, "wants to serve all years as a speaker for a social cause" and this year is the fight against that scourge.

La Pilgrim, as its director Julio Linacero says, "wants to serve all years as a speaker for a social cause" . And this time it's time to put the voice to a large group of 17 bikers from the Stroke Brake Foundation. As a leader, Julio Agredano, promoter of the initiative. With 39 years, "bad habits, cholesterol, sedentary life, work stress and 103 kg of weight", he suffered that cerebrovascular accident that is often fatal if you do not act in the first four hours. "Sport is the best possible form of prevention," he recalls.

Julio has joined for his crusade with Dani Rovira, Óscar Higares ... Or the former Spanish basketball international Iñaki de. "With 2.05 meters and 105 kilos, everyone asks me how I ride a bike ... it's the only thing that allows me to compete without pain, because I do not miss the joints", says AS. It will pedal to stop the stroke. "First there is prevention, and sport is the best, and also to overcome it."

Former nurse Enara Herrán, pharmacist and neural researcher, joins the team. "The main cause of death in women is not breast cancer, but stroke, and it must be dealt with in a special way with them", warns.

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