One year of Griezmann's Decision

On June 14, 2018, the Frenchman announced his decision to continue at Atlético and then extend his contract. A year later, he has already said that he is leaving Atlético.

On June 14, 2018, Movistar broadcast the documentary The Decision in which Antoine Griezmann, against all odds, announced that it would remain at Atlético de Madrid. Four days later, the Frenchman fulfilled his contract with the Atletico club until 2023 after Miguel Ángel Gil Marín went to Istra, where the concentration headquarters of the French national team was in Russia, in the company of Andrea Berta, and was made the famous photo with Lemar, Lucas Hernández and Lemar. Of those three players, , only one, Lemar, will remain at Atlético next season.

Griezmann's Decision, an amazing documentary that drew a human but also somewhat histrionic side of Griezmann, shook the foundations of Barcelona. Josep Maria Bartomeu attended astonished at his home to the resolution of the documentary film. Of that broadcast, without a doubt, the worse it was for Bartomeu to know that the one that was going to be one of the captains of the team the following season, Gerard Piqué, was involved in the documentary through the company Kosmos that produced the documentary. Piqué allowed himself the luxury of advertising on social networks The Decision. He was accompanied by Umtiti, who even put popcorn in the emoticon. A surprising reaction for what the fans of Barcelona and the directive took as a humiliation.

There were reactions. The sports vice-president, Jordi Mestre, announced that they would speak with Piqué after the return of the World Cup in Russia in a tone of reproach. Piqué did not seem to be very concerned with the matter (that really never happened, at least a conversation of punishment and minus a fine) and said that he could not doubt his Barcelona. He unveiled a conversation with Bartomeu: "It is surprising the reaction of all the people of Barcelona, who doubt my commitment and the love I have for this club is very surprising." Kosmos is one of my companies, the idea came out months ago that I spoke with Griezmann, he told me that there was the possibility that he went to Barcelona, we recorded it and it was a very good content for people to see how they make a decision as important as this from the inside, if he has made the decision, Whatever the reason, economic or sporting, Barça is much bigger than a player Bartomeu called me, I was screwed because I thought that the player would end up coming and that's all. Barcelona's open doors, but they must be willing to come in. We have players who are big and important and we are sure that others will come to the club level ".

In April this year, Bartomeu gave the episode by ditch: "I have a very good relationship with him, the other day we went to dinner together. Griezmann's documentary is part of the football show. We already talked about it and it did not bother me. "

A year after June 14, Griezmann, who spoke of love for Atlético de Madrid, will not continue in the colchoneros and at times seems very close to Barça.

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