Odegaard will play two years on loan at Real Sociedad

The operation is very on track and will close when it renews its contract with Real Madrid until 2023. The people of San Sebastian take charge of their file

Martin Odegaard will play the next two seasons at Real Sociedad on loan from Real Madrid. In the absence of specifying some final details of the operation, everything is agreed for the young Norwegian international to return to La Liga and continue with his progression, something that aims to be confirmed with this new step in his career at the txuri-Urdin club. The first condition that remains to close the agreement between the two clubs is that Odegaard renewed his contract as a white player until 2023, as reported yesterday by Diario AS, a procedure that has been left ready for when Odegaard returns to Madrid , which is in the next few hours, sign the document and remain tied to the white club for two more seasons. His current contract expired in 2021, which is the right time that will last his assignment in the Real.

After that, the agreement between clubs should arrive. Odegaard has already chosen and Real Madrid will respect his decision. Advised by his representative, the former realist Kvarme, and after visiting the facilities of Zubieta, the Norwegian wants to return to Spain and the option that most convinces him is that of the Royal Society. Before the Bayer Leverkusen, who liked the white managers more. The realist entity will therefore soon begin to outline the contract for two seasons of Odeagard with Real Madrid, which will have to establish the terms of the operation. The first important aspect is that Real Madrid does not want to include an option to buy at the end of the two years of assignment, despite the interest that Real had in it, an unequivocal sign of Chamartin's confidence that it will finally end exploiting in Anoeta.

The second condition to make the agreement is that the Real takes over the entire Odegaard file, as promised by the Leverkusen. This means that the operation of Odegaard for two years, with no option in principle to stay, will cost the entity txuri-urdin around 4 million euros, almost two per season, which is the card that charges in Norwegian in the Real Madrid, without counting the premium that intermediaries take in the operation. Another important aspect is that if Real Madrid wants to recover Odegaard at the end of the first season, they will have to pay a penalty to the Real equivalent to the amount paid by the San Sebastian club in that first year, losing the player the second year but recovering at least the investment made this summer. And the last aspect to include is to decide whether or not to play the matches against Real Madrid, because in the Real understands that if he goes to pay his card in full, should not prohibit him from playing those games, but the white club usually includes the call 'fear clause' in their assignment contracts. There are some aspects that remain to be outlined, but the operation is launched so that it ends in the coming days, so that next week he will be a new player of the Real and on June 8 he will be able to start the preseason in Zubieta at orders of Imanol Alguacil.

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