Oakland pays $ 46,000 to watch the third game

If the madness for tickets had been installed in Toronto, in California the figures are beyond any logic. The historical record is at $ 56,500 for a pass.

The NBA Finals leave Canada. They do it with a 1-1 on the scoreboard and a country totally overturned with theirs. Now it's time to travel to California, where the third and fourth games will be played. The court of the Golden State Warriors is reputed to be one of the most expensive in the entire League and it would not be less in the heat of the fight for the ring.

The official resale pages have already reported that the average ticket price is going to be the highest of the five final that the Warriors have reached in the last five years. The most important reason is the farewell to Oracle Arena, which has been the home of the Warriors for 49 seasons spread over three different periods. The current one, since 1997. Next year the team will cross the Bay, leave Oakland forever and settle in San Francisco. And that is making everyone want to be present in this final.

But some prices that are They are arriving they are so exorbitant that they do not really seem. One of those that has been made public and that has attracted more attention are the 93.200 dollars that a person has paid for two seats next to the track on the website of the franchise. The joke has left more than $ 46,000 entry. Also on the official website, but in this case for the fourth meeting, it has come to pay $ 181,740. There are four locations in the second row at more than 45,000 each. And another fan has bought dos tickets for 101.015 dollars (more than $ 50,000 per head), acercándose absolute record price per seat in the NBA for official sale, which still have two tickets of the fifth game of the final of 2017 between Warriors and the Cavaliers. On that occasion each one of them was worth $ 56,500.

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