Notice to Boston: "Anthony Davis would only be there one year"

Rich Paul, agent of the power forward of the Pelicans, gave an extensive interview to Sports Illustrated, where he talked about his client and his future.

New Orleans Pelicans announced in early June that he was listening to offers by Anthony Davis with the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Boston Celtics as star candidates to sign the power forward. This leaked in February his intention to abandon the franchise that drafteó with the number one in 2012 and with which he has only twice to the playoffs and seven seasons in the NBA.

And among that trio of possibilities, La Ceja's preferences are clear: Lakers and Knicks top the list, while the Celtics seem to lose weight. At least that's what Rich Paul understood. "They can go through it, but it will only be for one year, . I mean, if Boston exchanges for him, we would go there and fulfill our contractual obligations and enter free agency in 2020. I've told them," he said. agent of the player (and friend of LeBron) in an extensive report in Sports Illustrated titled The King of the Market: why Rich Paul will be the owner of the summer in the NBA.

The franchise of Massachusetts was before the closing of the market tied of feet and hands on the Davis case. I could not bring him this course because they were already made with a maximum extension rookie via trasapaso, that of Kyrie Irving. A problem that will be solved this summer (with many interesting assets to offer), although not the rest of the inconveniences. Davis's father does not want to see his son in green because of the abuse, according to him, they submitted the Celtics to Isaiah Thomas, for example. However, it is the power forward that is now subject of feet and hands: can not say if the Pelicans send him to Boston.

Lakers and Celtics

Aunque the risk is high. La Ceja has two more years of contract left, although the last one, the one of the 2020-21 season, is an option of the player, who seems unwilling to execute if he does not finish in one of his preferetis, to whom Paul launched the odd flower.

"Remove LeBron from the Lakers, , are not they a great destination for one of the two best players to have left Kentucky and won a national championship signing with Nike? For a team Which has had pivots from George Mikan to Wilt Chamberlain to Kareem Abdul Jabbar to Shaq? So now, when you add LeBron, what is that? The top of the basket, "said the agent after overcoming the Pelicans' veto The Lakers.

Paul also sent a nod to the Knicks: "The only difference is that they do not have as many championships as the Lakers, they have a great tradition It's a big market, not just one of the big markets. flexibility and are cap aces to absorb more than one star. What is wrong with that? "

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